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By Anonymous
this is my 5th day i've tried to beat this boss and it still no progress. His attack is hard to understand. So dissapointed
By Anonymous
So... does this guy have any attacks?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Such a BS boss, made me quit Sekiro for months after killing me with his insane grab attacks. He probably has the worst hitboxes From Soft have ever made he could grab me from across the room, and BEHIND HIM. This boss seriously needs to be patched, I may not even buy Elden Ring if From Soft doesn't fix this impossible boss, it shows they're just trying to make their game "hard", without even caring for balancing or its accessibility for players. As a Games Journalist, it's my JOB to play games, and I can't even finish to write my article because of this broken boss. Literally unplayable.
By Anonymous
how did you even reach this boss its impossible a game journalist cant reach this boss
By Anonymous
Still waiting for inner mist noble
By Anonymous
Hardest boss they've ever made
By Anonymous
Unlike all of the other mini bosses, it's possible to perform a second deathblow instantly by using divine abduction on this guy lmao
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