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It's basically Pinwheel: Strikes Again
Not really, Pinwheel was still a boss, even though a weak one. But this thing... it's TOO weak, it feels like I'm just missing something like maybe there's a way to proceed without killing it or something.
more like true king allant
Dude, Pinwheel and True King Allant could bully this ******.
The only boss I'm actually able to beat
Wait...Then how did you get this far?



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I was following the guy who said he heard someone playing an instrument, came to this thing, thought it might be her. Prepared for some of From's patented BS, popped a buff, calmed myself, stealth blow, and started attacking. And...she just sat there and took it. Wow. Greatest boss fight 10/10, would fight again.
Did you get to fountainhead palace yet?
nice music player :D
pinwheel's crippled son
her flute is actually pretty good. anyone has the sound file of that?
Youtube has it here:
After fighting off ghost dogs and archers for the past 20 minutes, I was ready to kill whatever was in that building creating this cursed mist. But after thoroughly beating down that pitiful old body, I felt awful. Standing in the burned ruins of what had just been a gorgeous building and the sudden lack of the noble's beautiful flute hit me pretty hard. I just showed up out of nowhere and ruined everything, and this guy didn't even try to fight back. (well, aside from all the ghosts outside trying to kill me, but still.)
Don't feel bad, he was probably in cahoots with cursed monk, join the palace by becoming zombies... Poor villagers...
Idk he had a bunch of corpses hanging upside down outside his house. Seems like he was a bad slug.
This is From's idea of showing us some mercy after all the beatings we had to take to get here
pinwheel tier
Pinwheel could at least kill you if you let him. I'm pretty sure this guy had no attacks.