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This skill does good damage but it seems like the glaringly long delay will just get you killed.
Do not use it alone. Pair it with a firecracker
Exactly. This wrecked the blazing bull after firecracker stuns.
The delay is indeed long but it's a good way to build posture damage instead of health damage to an opponent after you parry / dodge a strong attack that leaves your opponent open for some time. For example in the Owl fight atop the castle, he throws two shuriken at you then frontflip his way to you. You can deflect this attack easily then proceed to strike him for a (double) ichimonji which increase his posture for a great amount. If his health is already somewhat a bit low you can quickly push him to a deathblow this way, while keeping your own posture low which is a nice bonus. This also works for headless ape huge sword impact for example.
just jump at them and time the combat art. its like the nightjar slash but you have to catually time the attack yourself as you are jumping towards the enemy
While description states that second strike prevents counter attks,second hit if blocked can be punished by a lot of mini or bosses,you have been warned.
I tested Ichimonji comparing enemy healthbars and it seems to deal about 140% of normal attacks when charged. When not charged, it seems to do 120%. Even when jumping and using it in the air, which seems to be safer and adds range to the attack. The test i ran was: I hit an enemy once charged. Rested, came back and hit non-charged. Compared screenshots with naked eye and did the math.
Just remembered, to use Combat Arts in the air you have to take a skill in the Shinobi tree