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By Anonymous
There is also one on the steps leading to the merchant in Gyoubu's arena when Ashina is in flames
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(not mentioned)
1x found at the stairs in Gyobus arena after ashina is on fire.
By Anonymous
Fastest method for me was to go to the Senpu Temple idol, equip Golden vortex prosthetic, pop a balloon and demon bell. Kill the first 3 monks however you want and then use the golden vortex on 2 groups of 3 monks (it insta-kills them). I got an average of 2 grave wax and 3 fat wax per run.
By Anonymous
I made about 20 runs and haven't got a single grave wax this way.
By Anonymous
Step 1: activate Demon Bell. Step 2: Travel to Fountainhead Palace - Flower Viewing Idol. Step 3: kill the flute noble behind you repeatedly. Step 4: Obtain 2 Grave Wax every 5-10 kills!
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Man! That's works wonderful, thank you sir
By Anonymous
To speed up the process you can also use the Golden Vortex prosthetic!
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By conquerermtm
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With this method I only got Lump FAT Wax, not the Grave one.
By Anonymous
yes plus gold vortex and senpou item drop skills and its great
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Ok so the last tier of weapon upgrades(mercury/grave wax/adamantum) besides lazalui will not drop until you kill Guardian Ape... I did 100 consecutive runs on the bell fatty in Mibu village and got only fat wax... then i killed the Guardian Ape and the bell fatty started dropping grave wax after ever 5-10 kills with both vitues deeds and the bell.
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big mcthankies
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Can confirm that Bell Giants in Mibu do drop Lumps of Grave Wax before reaching Fountainhead Palace, though likely after defeating the Corrupted Monk (though they do drop before picking up the Shelter Stone).
By Anonymous
I can confirm, that you don't have to defeat Corrupted Monk Illusion for Bell Giants to drop Grave Wax.
By Anonymous
Monks in Senpou won't drop till fountainhead.