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You get x2 for giving the red carp eyes to the surgeon in the abandoned dungeon


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Flute enemies at the Fountainhead Palace can drop them
Which are the flute players
One is found in fountainhead palace on a roof of a flooded building in the lake near the carp cave.
Up to two drops with the golden vortex ;)
Confirmed that the Senpou Temple Monks drop them rarely, though I was late game and have both Vrituous Deeds and the Bell Demon.
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With the first Virtuous Deed skill, a mibu possession balloon and the Golden Vortex, I managed a good drop rate from the monks at Senpou temple (first idol, Senpou Temple - Mt. Kongo) Roughly 3-4 drops from 11 monks per run, on average Additionally the two monks at the top, near the first building, seemed to have a particularly higher drop rate (the ones that typically buff themselves immediately)
I tried this for an hour but they only drop Lumps of Fat Wax, not Lumps of Grave Wax
They started dropping for me only after I reached the SPOILERS True Corrupted Monk fight. I farmed for hours before that.


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dudes, the drops change with every additional 'upgrade tier' you reached. unlock and upgrade one upgrade from the next tier and addional items are added to the drop pool. kill specific bosses seems to change the drops too.
bell demon + golden vortex go to flower viewing stage idol one mob(mist noble)behind and stick to left wall on the outside of courtyard another one there run back rest rince repeat spin them twice execute em ceremonial tanto blade make its free and its fast got 10 in 10 mins
If they do not have the golden vortex and occupy this material for him, they can opt for a sphere of Mibu possession.
+1 for this method. Best way to get it by far. very quick, easy, and even gain some good money while doing it
This method is so good, you get the materials quickly, some sen, and even a little bit of xp, +1 from me.
I've found using golden vortex on the monks at Senpou Temple to be by far the best method to get both lumps of grave and fat wax.