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there is another pot noble in the fountain palace
Pretty sure it’s the same guy, as Hirata was 3 years prior so it’s likely he moved to the palace.
they have different names so yeah, they're different. also the fountain palace one says that the other guy is a traitor to the fish master
i think they're different. The one in Fountainhead Palace (forgot his name) even said that Harunaga is a traitor. If you decided to help the Fountainhead Palace one, you will find Harunaga lying dead in his usual place. (be warned if you still have something to buy from him) Though obviously they had the same motives, to become the next fish master
At the end of the quest you'll be able to purchase both of their wares from the living one
I sent kotaro to the illusory hall, but does he have any use after that?
He gives you a special fruit you can feed to the child of rejuvenation
The Basket-man and the priest in Miba village?
Also, the fish-father.
SPOILER After you finish Pot Noble Harunaga's Quest ,go and visit the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole again . With the item you find you can finish the Quest of the Fish Father and his Daugther.
High priest on ashina depths that close water cave hill u can kill him. after give him water of palace he will give you "Dragonspring sake" and after that he will drink the thing we give and go rest and go to him again and he will be change to enemies like on fountainhead palace with red clothes and you can't talk to him again but u can kill him and you will get 5 treasure carp scales.
Think he saying dat da person turn to baddie after Water of Palace trigger. Den you can fite to get 5 carp scales.. Is this concise?
If you immediately go to Senpou Temple after beating Gyoubu, you can meet the High Priest of the Senpou Sect where you normally find the Illusory bell. He gives you a Holy Chapter: Infested
Jesus Christ, this page needed cleaning up badly -- the "Lost Child" NPC is Kotaro, while the "The Faithful One" and first "????" refer to the "Old Hag" you find in multiple areas of the game.
If someone with more power than me could fix the formatting of this page so there aren't empty spaces, I would much appreciate it! I'm currently going through the game to add in NPCs I find, along with basic descriptions of who they are and what they seem to do/offer. (Can't upload images or create pages for specific NPCs as an Anon, though.)
I kill npc blackhat. how to comeback npc
You can't fix stupid.
next time, never ever swing your sword first to the npc you can talk to and no you can't
No to comeback NPC. They should really have talk icons in front of them so you don't do anything stupid, shouldn't they?
What have you learned?