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Can you go back to this area ? I want to see the big crying monk. Or did i miss out?
Yes, you can return to this area at any time after you have completed it. There will be nodes that allow you to do so.
Well I sure bumbled my way through this fight. Went in forgetting about the monk and immediately aggroed all the monkeys, accidentally chased the purple monkey into the dark attic but didn't kill him because he wasn't aggressive. Started wandering the area, set up the other dark room, finally got an idea what i'm supposed to do from the water room's note, then finally talked to the monk. Went back and killed purple, herded green into the waterfall room then ambushed him from above, stalked orange over the rooftops and shanked him, and it was only THEN i finally had a wraith monkey show up behind me, which freaked me out because i was expecting the fourth to be the real and actually dangerous boss. Immediately retreated to near the starting area, very warily fought the wraith monkey... and I think I accidentally killed the invisible follower, it looked like he popped right out of the wraith on a stab attack, and then he died. Had to come here just to make sense of the fourth monkey. I wonder if it's some kind of glitch that made the wraith monkeys spawn in such few amounts, or if it was some kind of bizarre miracle that i managed to accidentally evade them the whole time.
Wanted to chime in and say this was pretty much my experience. I didn't want to fight them initially and just ran around exploring the level. Talked to the monk and decided to kill them. So I did a bell reset, grappled to the left, then killed the green monkey in the tree. Spotted the orange one and chased it. It ran right into the dark room, so I drop killed it. Did another bell reset and found the purple one at the top most level of the building in the back. Chased it and fell to the floor below, but it ended up falling there too, so I killed that one. Figured the last one was either invisible, or one of the ghost monkeys. At this point, I'm being chased by a few of them, so I decide to engage. I start getting surrounded and immediately go for one of the further ones, but after the deathblow the cutscene played and left me very confused.
Something similar happened to me, after killing the green, purple and orange monkeys I had a bunch of ghost monkeys following me, I turned and started killing them, I killed some but they got me inflicting terror, I came back to life and right after this I got the Shinobi Execution message and then the cutscene. This also left me really confused and thought that since I died I've failed the test and the story would take a different route or I'll miss on something but reading the comments seems like there's only one outcome out of this. I still don't know what happened, maybe when I started attacking the ghost monkeys somehow I managed to hit the invisible monkey?? Weird...
This boss isn't hard enough to make players use their brain: - green monkey can be kill by grapple to the tree in the middle area when he's there. He can't hear you grapple or react fast enough to run from you - purple monkey is easy to accidently go to the dark room when you run around chasing other monkey - orange money can be kill by stealth - when others monkey is dead, you will run around and notice the footprint behind you is not human footprint and attack behind to check. This will kill the most privilege monkey
The arena has tools to help you! You can open a door to extinguish the lights, which will make it easier to kill the purple one indoors, and there is a bell which will stun the green one if you ring it while he's on the balcony right above it.
Remember they are animals (at least the other 3 excluding invisible monkey) so Firecrackers Prosthetic Tool is effective, especially against Speaking "Orange" Monkey. Just pop Firecrackers when you are close to it but out of attacking range.
It also effective fot invisible monkry
I chased all of them to one of the buildings, they fled to the top of it (not on the roof). Sneaked behind them with Gachi Sugar or whatever the hell you call it, and assassinated them.
This boss fight was a let down. It’s way too easy. Every person I’ve seen play this has done it the first try without even using any real strategy. When I finished the fight I was thinking “was that it?”. It was unchallenging and boring.
You're literally chasing monkeys. I don't know how this could've been done right. And after an awesome battle against Genichiro...lame.
It absolutely could've been done better
Well yeah, everyone did it on their first try. There’s basically no threat.
Not gonna lie, I was really relieved to have a break after the hell that was Genichiro and the False Corrupted *****in Monk.
Was this boss extremely easy for anyone else? I basically just sprinted and attacked the whole time and only lost sight of the green monkey for couple of minutes
Also i didnt even speak to the monk because i just assumed I could talk to him about whatever afterwards but he doesnt have much to say
I even killed the green monkey just by jumping onto the tree where it stood and smashed it. Didn't even use the bell or the waterfall room. The same goes for the other monkeys.



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Okay easy way to do it -- As you spawn immediatly hide behind the left screen to your left and wait for the alerts to go away. Then grapple to the roof above that monk, and kill the monkey that is there. Ring the bell in your inventory/ Run to your left, then right, to a room with pillars and a big door. Open the door. Ring the bell. Grapple to the center tree, and the green monkey will jump away, above the big bell. Follow him but don't go exactly to where he is, instead ring the big bell that is there (not the one in your inventory, lol). Monkey will now be stunned right above you and you can kill him. Run back to where the door with the wind was and see if the purple monkey is waiting to be killed there. If not, ring the bell. Run back to where the door with the wind was. If he's still not there, ring the bell again and try to chase him away from his spot on the tree first. Ring the bell. Invisible one - i never managed to kill him at the start like some people do, he eventually randomly died when I fought the ghost monkeys. Randomly slashing around you seems to do the trick also