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Edited the "Where to find" as I originally was lost where the "Hole" was, despite being in front of my face. Blind to my eyes but I just tuned it so it's just more apparent to other reads.
Does anyone know if this poisons Lady Butterfly?


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most bosses have extreme build up needed to get successfully poisoned. Poison falls of once she hits second phase, so not worthwhile strategy.
Are the green swipes the only attacks that deal poison? Or does every hit in the combo deal it. Seems very expensive for a combo regardless.
In case you missed it like I did during my first playthrough, its in a chest in the room passed the blue samurai and three other guys. I looted everything else but missed the chest because I'm blind.


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Tested Lazulite Sabimaru on some bosses and mini-bosses on NG to check, who have poison immunity. Could be poisoned: - Bosses which I tested: Gyoubu, Lady Butterfly, Genichiro Ashina, Guardian Ape, Great Shinobi Owl - Midbosses: all generals, Chained Ogres, Juzou the Drunkard, Blazing Bull. Snake Eyes guys and O'Rin starting to vomit after poison inflicted. Couldn't be poisoned: seems like Headless Ape and False Corrupted Monk - but needs more testing, Armored warrior for sure.
Vomiting enemies?? I would love to see that.


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Emma, Isshin Ashina, Corrupted Monk, Isshin the Sword Saint could be poisoned as well.
I could poison Isshin sword saint so easily before the patch with one clean hit into combo attack, after the patch, I haven’t been able to poison Isshin sword saint even with the fully upgraded version.
One of the least useful prosthetics in the game. Really high spirit emblem cost (1 for every swing), multiple full combos needed for inflicting the effect (hence around 6 spirit emblems required to inflict poison - compared to the 3 spirit emblems that the flame vent requires to inflict burn) and extremely situational in its use with very few enemy types vulnerable to the effect.



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not to mention even the enemies who are vulnerable usually are better off being taken out in a different way (the samurai can all be backstabbed and even if you don't , hammering them with regular attacks will kill them too, and any miniboss, especially the dojo elite weak to this item is better off being speared to death)
What you mean to say is "Idk how to use this tool properly, ergo it's a useless tool," it only uses spirit emblems every other hit, so more like 3-4 emblems, several enemies are vulnerable to it's effect such as Ashina Samurai, basically everything in Fountainhead, etc. Also it can stun enemies for about 4-5 hits.
Can poison the red samurai assaulting Ashina after obtaining divine tear in 1 or 2 Hits, sick
I wish there was a clear pattern on whom to use this item on; it's basically binary whether or not you should be using it since some enemies are functionally immune. But you don't know until you try. I'm basically here just looking for a list here on whether using it is a yes or a no.
its good against Okami women, so basically the two snakr eyes and all the guards in Fountainhead
Can also be used on O'Rin of the Water. Two combos poisons her, which stuns her for a solid 4-5 seconds for a free beatdown.
Generally speaking, girls. Any lady who is not a fourteen foot halberd user and does not live in a poison swamp will be susceptible. The stage-three Ashina invaders will also be easily poisoned.
This weapon is ineffective against Shirafuji she can't be poisoned and is only stunned for 2 hits from this Prosthetic it also does very little to Shirahagi. However it is EXTREMELY effective against Fountainhead Samurai, Fountainhead Nobles, and Ashina Samurai. Whoever wrote this Fextralife guide was either high AF and never actually used this prosthetic.
Can confirm, Shirahagi in the poison swamp cannot be poisoned with piercing sabimaru on ng+. Tested with fistful of ash to lay in full sabimaru combo, would not proc even after 5 full unguarded combos, but most of the time she ends up blocking after the 3rd or 4th hit anyway, making it even harder to proc poison. On the other hand, it takes up to a minute for her to be poisoned in the swamp. I would not consider that to be extremely effective.
Snake-Eyes in the poison pool area CAN be poisoned, she is just VERY RESISTANT, you can afk on a ledge while she stands around waiting for you in the swamp and she will eventually die from it.
Poisoned Shirafuji in just 2 combos with an unupgraded Sabimaru. To use this commenter's own words - whoever wrote this comment was "either high AF" or never actually used this prosthetic.