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By Anonymous
I dont know if the "Divine Child" its just the title and we call her by that. But in my opinion she does look like a child, or as if shes a young teenager.
By Anonymous
Trying to justify the upcoming rule34
By Anonymous
It is often time a title in Asian culture (Atleast in my culture), kinda like the "Son/Daughter of god" thingy you have over the Norse/Greek mytho but broader. In a nutshell "Divine child" could range anywhere from being literal child of a deity to a person having blessing of the divines. In this case it's more likely to be the latter I think.
By Anonymous
It is a child, bro. Kotaro's dialogue pretty much solidifies all the "children of the rejuvenating waters" including the divine child, are children.
By Anonymous
you hentais better stay off this girl and ma boy Kuro. Emma however hehe
By Anonymous
Give her Persimmon will trigger much more dialogues. Give her the liver and heart of the Great White Snakes will trigger other quest.
By Anonymous
I need more info on this bc i’m still trying to figure out what I should do with this big guy do I send him to the item shop do I send him to the dungeon do I give him the white flower. quests lead in other npc quest.gta be correct
By Anonymous
I can't find this answer anywhere. Want to send him to shop but can't find if he is needed for this ending
By Disposed666
Same, some sites say you need to give taro persimmon, others say you dont. Clarity would be greatly appreciated. Previous poster who listed all the steps they took was great, but would be nice if they hadn't given taro so we could know for sure.
By Anonymous
With regards to the rice, how often is "every so often"?
By Anonymous
Trying to figure this out myself. I think it's probably based on main quest completion stages, but it's possible it might be game time or something.
By Anonymous
Not sure, but try giving the rice to the old woman in all her locations.
By Anonymous
i don't know myself, but i think whenever you out stock (either you gave it to pious woman or use it yourself), she will give you one. Relocate, rest, and return to inner sanctum to get another rice. Though you can only got 2 rice (maybe) per run, after that she fell ill until you give her another persimmons to restore her health. still need someone else confirmation on this
By Anonymous
Here's the steps I did to complete her quest: 1: First meeting, Divine Child gives you RIce. 2: Gave the Divine Child the Holy Chapter: Infested (Unsure if required to progress quest) 3: Gave Rice to the Old Woman at Sunken Valley: Bodhisattva idol 4: Returned to the Divine Child, received more Rice. 5: Gave Rice to the Old Woman at Senpou Temple, overlooking the large tree. 6: Returned to and spoke with the Divine Child. 7: Rested, spoke to the Divine Child again and received Rice. 8: Rested, spoke to the Divine Child again who asks for a persimmon (Sold by Shugendo Memorial Mob, but he will give you one for free if you Talk to him after meeting the Divine Child) 9: Gave the Divine Child a persimmon and received Rice along with "Rice for Kuro" 10: Gave Kuro the "Rice for Kuro" 11: Rested, spoke with Kuro once more and received Sweet Rice Ball 12: Ate the Sweet Rice Ball and spoke with Kuro. (Kuro might have given you another Sweet Rice Ball earlier, check the description to ensure you eat the right one) 13: Returned to the Divine Child and spoke to her about Kuro. (Gave her two more persimmons, unsure if needed to progress) 14: Left to get the Taro Persimmon from Kotaro's white pinwheel path, returned to find the Divine Child in the Hall of Illusions. She tells you to speak with Senpou Temple's High Priest. 15: "Spoke" with the High Priest and retrieved the "Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return" (He can be found in the underground temple behind the Main Hall, there's a small hole in the left wall of the room with the mini-centipede guys. It's the path you take to get the Senpou Esoteric Texts) 16: Rested (returns the Divine Child to her temple), spoke with her and gave her the "Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return" 17: Spoke with the Divine Child again, gave her both of the Serpent Viscera. 18: Rested, ease dropped on the Divine Child's temple door. (You sick bastard) 19: Rested, spoke with the Divine Child and received "Frozen Tears" 20: Gave the Divine Child the Taro Persimmon (Unsure if needed to progress, probably not, but she deserves the best), receiving rice from her now yields "Fine Snow".
By Anonymous
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By OliviaTomato
I've given her the snake hearts and eavesdropped on her but no matter what I do the doors never open to her room, did you just rest then the doors opened?
By Anonymous
Perfect explanation. One important thing to note, I'm pretty sure the cutoff point for this is when you enter Fountainhead Palace. That's when I made sure to do it, as I couldn't complete it afterwards since Kuro leaves the palace. So whenever he leaves the palace, it's not possible to finish.
By Anonymous
Get her ending. Reach the rooftop with the Owl. Stay loyal to Kuro and defeat Owl instead. From there you will simply have to follow the story until the end with a few things you have to do before finishing the last boss. Gather both Serpent Fruits (fresh and old one) from the Giant Serpents. For the old one head to the area before the Guardian Aboss fightght, but instead of going in the direction of the Ape, go to the very bottom of the area in another direction. You will reach a cave with the Giant Serpent in it. There follow the path until you can see its head. Drop down on the left side and use Puppeteer Ninjutsu on the monkey and it will distract the snake for you. Head through the door there and pick up the Old Fruit. For the Fresh Fruit head to the Senpou Temple and drop down to the right of the exit of the first Idol in the area. There you will see a mechanism for a kite and a small enemy next to it. Use Puppeter Ninjutsu again on this small guy and he will operate the kite for you. Follow the path until you can grapple to the kite and it will transport you to a new area from which you can kill the Giant Serpent. Fresh Fruit is yours. The second step for the ending is the Divine Child in Inner Sanctum. You will have to give a scroll you will find by diving in the pond in the Temple Ground, she will disappear into the illusion where you chased the monkeys. Find her again in the Ilussion where you fought the 4 small monkeys. Talk to her and she will return to the Inner Sanctum and will tell you about the fruits. She will tell you to find the monk who is in the dark cave next to the temple you are in. Find him there and bring what you got from him back to her. Now you can feed her the fruits. You will receive frozen Dragon Tears from her which you will have to use at Kuro after defeating the last boss in the game. If a sequence with the Divine Child won’t trigger try to rest at an Idol, feeding Rice to Kuro and coming back, or simply progressing the story a bit further. Some people have troubles triggering events with her for yet unknown reasons, but this is basically what you have to do for the ending.
By Anonymous
I got to the part where i gave her the scroll, but she hasn't disappeared into the Inner Sanctum?
By Anonymous
You do not need to give her Taros Permission for her to move to the Hall of Illusions to get this ending, what you need to get her is the Holy Scriptures of the Infested. Once you give her this (assuming you dived to get it or for the npc) she will move to the Hall of Illusions
By Anonymous
I didn't give her the Taro persimmon until after I recieved the Frozen Tears so I dont believe its required to complete the quest.
By Anonymous
Its not needed I sent Kotaro to the dungeon and she still gave me the divine tear and snow rice, you have to progress a certain about in the story for it to trigger to send her to the illusion temple
By Anonymous
You need to give her both the Holy Scriptures and the Taro Persimmon, or a certain number of normal Persimmons + the Taro Persimmon for her to not be sick anymore.
By Anonymous
So kataro can go to merchant and still get this ending? PLEASE SOMEONE CLARIFY . Can't find answer anywhere online if taro permission is a necessity
By Anonymous
Kotaro cannot go to the Merchant and get this ending, no.
By Anonymous
I already got the tears using the normal persimmon from mob, and kotaro is with the merchant
By Anonymous
you do NOT need kotaro persimmon. Regular persimmons will do
By Anonymous
I don't know why, but I think she is bugged in my case. I found the text - gave it to her. Dialogue triggered. I gave her the Persimmon, after that the Taro Persimmon and after that another 3 normal Persimmons. It looked like she could take another one, so I went and killed some Apes until I got one. Got back to her - Dialogue Option is gone. She also never relocated until now (just finished Kuros Incense Quest) Will she relocate later? Or will she never relocate in this playthrough.