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By Anonymous
At first ichi seemed like garbage: low range, high startup, small hitbox.

But when used to punish big windows there's almost nothing better. (Enhanced Mortal Blade)
By Anonymous
imo the best skill in the entire game. It's not flashy, but it gets work DONE. If you have the opportunity to use it, it just chunks posture and restores yours like nothing else. Absolutely hilarious to use on Isshin when he goes for his own Ochimonji and you just, walk around him and show him how it's really done.
By Anonymous
why is this called ichimonji: double and not nimonji?
By Anonymous
Because 'ni' (二) is two parallel lines, but Ichimonji: Double just makes a single line with double the usual length. (Although you can actually alter the trajectory of the second strike...)
By Anonymous
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