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Has anyone managed to find it? Im after obtaining dragon tear and still no sight of this material
You can find fulminated mercury in Ashina Castle. Ashina Castle idol and up the stairs. Nearly halfway to the right it will be on the ground. It can also be dropped by the red hooded samurai but I think it’s a rare drop
This is in the final stage of the game btw
Fountainhead Palace is the final stage.
Nah final stage is Ashina castle after you do fountainhead. It has three different stages for the same area
I found it by going to the Gun Fort Idol in Sunken Valley, backtracking to the gun shooting guys, and killing everyone on the cliff. Dropped from the guys easy to kill ones, no idea how rare but got two fairly quickly with a fortune balloon active.
This happened to me too, but I only farmed the two cannon guys closest to the Sculptor Idol. I put a comment in the additional notes section. I had not progressed so far that I had gotten locked out yet.
I've gotten it from the rifle guys at the Gun Fort too. Haven't personally ever gotten it from the cannoneers but it makes sense that they drop it as well.
Same you can get it from the Gun Fort dudes before getting locked out
Gunfort is best place combo with Bell Demon and Golden Vortex and if u want drop more use mibu possession ballon more appear fulminated. just kill 2 cannonball and go rest and do that reapeatle
Farming these at Gun Fort with a item bloon active is a really good way to get them.
Gunfort idol + bell demon + backtrack to first gunman = done I'd say it's the best method
Works like a charm. dont forget to use bloon.
If you don't have access to the lategame yet.You can get some from the Under-Shrine Valley bonfire. Just turn around and grapple into a platform with 2 of them, can easily backstab and kill 2 gunmen there. They mostly drop Black Powder and Antidotes, but you can get Mercury and Yellow Powder from these guys too. Best done with Demon Bell and Temple arts drop rate buffs.
A few (2-3) are available in the alternate version of Hirata estate.
Can confirm. I suspect that barely anyone has reached that area, considering how few people are discussing its boss.
Can confirm that the Cannoneers drop it. Did 2 runs and got one on the first backstabable guy in both runs.