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By Anonymous
Wtf is even the point of a health bar if he one shots you in NG?
By Anonymous
He doesn't one-shot on every attack. Also, chipp damage after you return Kuro's Charm.
By Anonymous
Agreed, I was being a baby.
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It took me over 5 hours when this came out to beat this and I dreaded ever coming back to him on a replay of Sekiro. Fast forward to this year and I beat him first try. I don't know if my muscle memory from that battle at launch still stayed with me but I like to think so. Fantastic final boss.
By Anonymous
One of the greatest but probably the hardest boss I've ever faced (hi malenia) , took me 30+ tries but that feeling when you finally beat it... I found the key of beating him is being agressive while also being cautious, don't let thim lower his posture as much as possible. Save your shurikens to close the gap between you and him so he won't be able to recover his posture. You may not want to waste your heals for the first two phases as their attack pattern can easily be learned by simply trying over and over again. I don't think running around like a headless chicken works really well for the last 2 phases, instead try to find an opening while deflecting and dodging his attacks, just don't be greedy cause you'll be punished.
By Anonymous
I don’t know why but after activating the demon bell due to mindless frustration I was actually able to get to his 2nd phase a lot easier than I could without it.
By Anonymous
i love how i watch video show dodge toward his slam will leave him open, and it does when it works more time then not the dodge towards him does not work
By Anonymous
Malenia hit Defeat so hard, that he got isekai'd to the end of the Sengoku era of Japan. And now everyone keeps mistaking him for a guy named Hesitation! I don't know for sure but I've heard tell of an old man by the name of "Isshin" who's spreading rumors about Defeat. I think I heard him say "Hesitation is Defeat" so many times to that stoic shinobi-lookin fella.
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By Anonymous
what did I just read
By Anonymous
Mayhaps you are drunk?
By Anonymous
It may be just me but this was not that hard but SOOOO over the top and epic that i laughted almost every second, when he started to jump in the air chatching thunders and shoting with a 50 Cal Desert Eagle, i died.

10/10 true 2019 game of the year and 2019 level of gaming
By Anonymous
How to beat Sword Saint via spacing (Dark Souls style):

Are you a Dark Souls player who dislikes the Sekiro combat system, with its focus on blocking/deflect/posture break instead of just avoiding the blow entirely? Here's how you can beat the Sword Saint Isshin fight without ever touching the block button:

Skills you will need:

Jumping Combat Arts
Ichimonji Double
Mortal Draw
Nightjar Reversal (optional but recommended)

Genichiro phase: Lock on the moment the fight starts, take a single step towards him and perform a jumping Ichimonji double. Dodge back as soon as you're able, move back and sideways, dodge it he shoots his bow, wait three actions by Genichiro, jump back in and crack his skull again. You have to wait three strikes because one of his combos has a quick third strike with the bow that has perfect tracking, if you're mid-air you will be hit. If you see him charging Mortal Blade after your Ichimonji, back up quickly, wait till he's done, and jump in for a bonk.

This phase is IMO the most difficult of the three using these strategies, but only because you really want to get through it without being hit more than once and his Mortal Blade strike can catch you out if he recovers from Ichimonji too fast. He's got low posture recovery though, so once you learn the pace he's easy.

Isshin phase one:

Switch to Nightjar Reversal if you have it, otherwise switch to Mortal Draw. His moveset during this phase is unique from the other two; he's more defensive, and faster on recovery. Nightjar Reversal is excellent because it gets you in and out of his range fast. Otherwise unpowered Mortal Draw will work, but you need to space it right at the edge of the attack range or he'll punish before you can get distance.

This phase is all about running circles around him, trying to bait out two attacks: Ashina Cross and a variant of Distance Slash where he runs sideways for a time, then sprints towards you, slashes, pauses briefly, then two more quick cuts. You want to be sprinting in circles around him constantly, ranging close enough that he's moving slowly but not close enough that he'll begin his 'normal' attack sequence. Wait for him to either start running sideways or sheathe his sword, and start moving backwards until he's done, then jump in with the in/out Nightjar combo. With Ashina he's open longer so you can get two hits in w/ Nightjar, one on the jump in, one on the reversal. He recovers faster from the running sideways attack: If you start your Nightjar attack as the third strike is in the air, it's possible to land both hits, but timing has to be absolutely perfect and it's not worth it because if you jump too early you're getting hit.

Keep circling, bait those two attacks, in/out at the end, don't be greedy. Be patient and he may never hit you during this phase. If you get hit and need to heal, go hide behind a rock.

Isshin phase two and three (strategy is exactly the same, and renders all his unique phase three attacks moot):

Switch to Mortal Draw. For the remaining two phases of this fight, we are still circling him at a sprint, which is more important now because he's got a 9mm suddenly, but can't lead his target. Always be moving at an angle to his approach, unless you're in the act of attacking. Do not stop moving if he does, he can shoot at you standing still. From now until the fight is over, you're focused on one thing: baiting out his Leaping Slam attack.

Since he's more aggressive now you will sprint-circle at a moderately increased distance. He will always run directly towards you, so circling creates a sort of equilibrium with the distance given the arena. Prioritize the distance, not the circle. Better to get hit with a round or two from his gat than clubbed in the head by his spear.

When he begins the slam attack, keep running in a circle. When he lands, start drifting more directly away from him to avoid the second part of this attack, a fast dash straight at you. The instant that dash is over, run in and perform a Mortal Draw. He will usually block it, but Mortal Draw don't give a damn. Try your best to be at the outside edge of Mortal Draw's range when you do this: If you're too close, he'll do the dash again and hit you. It isn't necessary to have Spirit Emblems to execute this strategy, unpowered Mortal Draw works fine.

If you need to heal, wait till he's in the middle of the last phase of one of his attack combos. You should know them all by heart now, since you've been running circles around him for 15 minutes.

Just keep running around him, you'll avoid all his nonsense in both second and third phase. Run in, Mortal Draw, run back out and circle. Turns the whole fight very one dimensional.

That's what he gets for bringing a gun to a sword fight.
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By Anonymous
Consume Gokan's sugars in the beginning of his phase 1 and 2 , helps you a lot, everytime I died against him was because of posture break, so I beat him the first time I used Gokans
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I'd rather fight demon of hatred
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