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By Anonymous
when isshin sheathes his sword in phase 1 is it better to deflect ashina cross or should i go near him and deflect and jump on him?
By Anonymous
You wait for the Ashina Cross and you go behind him. There, you can do two free hits
By Anonymous
One thing you forgot to add: in phase three he seems to take significantly less posture damage
By Anonymous
Update: beat this dude after tres days
By Anonymous

Bro, we aren't THAT close to your castle.
By Anonymous
Use confetti, learn how to deflect the lightning attack on phase 3. With enough practice and confetti phase 1 is a breeze and after that is a matter of practice. Good luck.
By Anonymous
after a 50 tries and almost wining the third phase but failed i realised i had demon bell activated, I was so much pissed on myself
By Anonymous
Second best boss in the game, right behind Inner Isshin. Not actually that tough if you're good at deflecting, and the first phase is definitely the hardest of the three. It gets easier as you progress through the phases, the with the last phase being the easiest because it's literally identical to the second phase but you get huge free lightning damage. Just focus on landing those mikiri counters and he'll go down in no time at all. He only has like four main combos in phase 2 and 3 and they're all quite straightforward. What catches a lot of people out is his backwards jump swing with the spear - it's simply, just don't overcommit beyond the opening he gives you. Then you'll never be caught out by it
By Anonymous
There is only 1 advice for this boss: "Hesitation is defeat"
By Anonymous
hard boss to beat fair & square, but shinobis aren’t about that..

you beat genichiro and first phase very easy if you are subpar at deflecting, just give them no quarter

2nd/3rd phase is DEF sugar, oil & flame axe

pellet before going in

replenish spirit emblems with dagger between phases

all in all a lot easier than father owl and sculptor (which you’ll probably wont beat EVER w/o fire umbrella and upgraded finger)

and a lot easier than Ludwig and dungeon amygdala from BB (orphan of kos is nothing)
By Anonymous
This is one of the worst FromSoftware games and possibly the worst game I've ever played.

That said, yes, I too am stuck on the third phase of the Isshin Sword Saint fight. It's incredibly frustrating and doesn't work half the time. And even if I do manage to eventually "GIT GUD" and defeat him, I will never like this game. I think it was a mistake from the start. The game is full of a series of rock bottom, piss poor decisions by the game programmers.

As a perfect example, that first fight where you lose your arm. Even if you would win, you still lose the arm. Well, isn't that special? That's about the dumbest game design feature I've ever seen in my entire life. Why not just make it a cutscene if the ending is predetermined? Why am I fighting this guy?

The rewards for beating bosses are garbage, what am I supposed to do with one prayer bead? Nothing! Go get three more! Or maybe I will get lucky and get some weak prosthetic tool that is only useful for one particular enemy. Some of these enemies you fight for hours and hours and your reward? Not much.

Need XP? Farm 70-,000-100,000 points to get 1 skill point. 5 of those and you can increase attack power by one point. WOOHOO! You can spend an entire weekend running the same loop over and over to get maybe 2 or 3 attack points. That's if you don't go hang yourself first. You think that should have maybe been scaled down a little?

If I would have known it was a buttom masher game, I wouldn't have bought it, it's not my thing. A beta version would have been nice, but they thought they'd rip me off instead. They stripped out most of the best customization features of the Souls games series and you call it genius? I don't think so. I think the programmers just got lazy and then realized that when people would find out the best part of the series was cut, they wouldn't buy it.

One of the few good things about this game, the Divine Dragon fight was a good fight. If more of the game were like that, it would have been my favorite in the series. But there's too much failure in making the game playable (and more importantly ENJOYABLE) it's trash and not GUD. If you think this game is a ten, check yourself into a mental hospital now.

I don't mind a challenge, but I don't enjoy beating my head against a wall. This game easily crosses the line. What did I learn from this game? Mikori counters? How to use Divine Confetti? No, I learned that someone from at FromSoftware needs canned, ASAP.
By Anonymous
It's crazy because this is the furthest thing from a button masher game you could get lol. If you're button mashing then it's no surprise you've had such a terrible time with it.
By Anonymous
Lmao what a loser
By Anonymous
Youre talking about the game needing a beta version so you wouldnt get scammed but the game came out 3 years ago. Its not like you couldnt have seen a youtube video to know it doesnt have specific builds and that the combat was centered around parrying and posture.

After the game came out i saw a loooad of reviews saying that Sekiro was a way more mechanical game than Dark Souls, because you couldnt just pick another weapon or farm levels to get stronger. You only get stronger by killing bosses and manning the **** up.

I do feel most of the time you dont need to use the prosthetic tools, theres a few bosses that leave openings to them. But when against normal enemies i use them all the time.

Youre failing to see why the game is good because you expected to play dark souls 4.

By Anonymous
I am sorry to be the one to say this, but maybe you just have a skill issue. Ever thought of that? Hopefully now you have :).
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bruh this guys is baiting so hard or he is the most saddest clown i've ever seen
By Anonymous
Ahh yes, the fight where you don't actually fight is a good fight. This guy probably thinks directors should give movies an easy mode
By Anonymous
The main difference between the game and the other games is that this one is MUCH more difficult, which you would know if you did any amount of research on the game before buying
By Anonymous
legitimately no way this isnt a bait, its way too on the nose
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