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Another interesting note is that the hill where you fight him looks suspiciously similar to the area where Isshin's fighting Tamura in the intro cutscene, might explain how he randomly pulls the spear out of the ground... Though he gifted it to Gyoubu so how he managed to pull it all the way from Ashina Outskirts is a mystery only the gods know.
This boss is a joke. Imagine being so bad at the game you die to him. lmao
Yeah I know, the first guy is so easy using mikiri counter, then Isshin phase one was so easy just dodging and hitting him in the back and second phase Isshin is too easy with umbrella and then lightening reversal in phase 3 beat him so easy. I was expecting a challenge and not to beat him on my 3rd practice try :(
the timing with both Isshin and Genichiro is really weird. They have variable delays on their attacks that throw off the rhythm and they fake you out a lot. It's not attack attack attack or even attack pause attack pause. It's more like attack pause pause attack pause attack attack pause pause pause attack pau-attack att-pause. I find myself countering, dodging, or deflecting too early or too late. When i tried to time them it didn't work because the length of their pause changes slightly even with the same exact attack sequence.
Is the any game breaking glitch i can use to beat him like every other bosses in the game? I don't have time to waste learning his patterns.. or i couldn't give a*****, i just want to finish the game and go into NG+.
“If it’s not fun, then why bother?”
Now it's 4-phase boss, Froms don't even know how to add more cheap difficulty.
I figured out that the loaded umbrella (phoenix lilac) completely blocks genichiros black mortal blade and all the weird ******** isshin is throwing at you (Made Gens fight very easy). However, if you have confetti or any other weapons buff it will get removed unless you let go of the L1/R1 before attacking. My question is if you have confetti, blue flame (20 sec instead of 5 sec fire) and using the normal loaded umbrella (or magnet) will the weapon effect stay or will you have to let go like with Lilac and Lotus? It clearly says for Lilac and Lotus that any effects will disappear but nothing on the other 2 umbrella's, does anyone know of the buffs will stay? Also last phase I noticed mist raven (fire) is really good during the last isshin phase but the wiki just says mist raven and burn. So should I use mist raven, age feather or great feather? I'll try tomorrow but if anyone knows please let me know Much love fellow Sekiro lovers
Umbrella magnet has been confirmed, it will not remove the buff from the weapon, downside is the lack of protection against terror or burn. And the lilac and lotus does twice as much DMG than normal magnet, not tested with weapon buffs
Don't foget to immediately deflect subsequently after deploying brolly peeps otherwise hence why you will suffer damage.
Ok but where did he get a Glock?
I found saving all spirit emblems to use solely on firecrackers when he's trying to transition to phase 2 (the hardest one imo) to be super useful in getting his health down to at least a half, making his posture recover much slower and letting you get to phase 3 much sooner
1st phase: run and hit with mortal draw and retreat. Repeat that 2nd phase: be extremely offensive and time your deflects with the spear since it isn’t that fast actually and there are a lot windows for striking him 3rd phase: same as last phase but now you have the option to obliterate his posture with the lightning counter. 1st phase you have to be cheap or really patient because you don’t have an awful lot of time for striking him so sorry about the cheap tactic.
Also sorry for how this looks formatted, I did this through mobile and it looked fine at first.