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i loved this boss fight, but the one burning question is why he can just suddenly bust out a glock and f*ck up your sh*t.
nasty peepaw
So after cheesing him in his first phase, I'm on ng+ and wanting to fight properly. Now that I'm good, suddenly he's doing a charged sweep attack similar to genichiro's mortal blade?? I've fought him at least 30 times and just now he's revealing an attack I've never seen before nor is it even listed here, nor have I seen it in playthroughs, wtf??


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get good casual
It's right there, it's the first phase 2 tactic, tough it's named wrong: "Charged Attack, Vertical Force Wave" it's described properly and it has a counter tactic as well
Whole game is gold but the last fight ruins it for me. What kinda sword saint pulls a pistol or uses a spear? I get, that the developers surely wanted to be fancy on the last boss. Nevertheless the *****ing grass is blocking the view. It's nearly distinguishable what kind of unnlockable hits you. Isshin cheats your *** of. I don't even bother finishing the game. Not a single boss from Soulsborne, not even Midir was worse than those two japanese *****es
Sword Saint implies mastering many weapons , and Ashina clan is known ( in the game ) to use any way they can to win , . And for the arena if you get the attack timing you don't need to see properly
No, 剣聖 means a master of the sword.
How does the grass block the view. None of my playthroughs had this problem.
Here's what I dislike about the final bossfight: -Map is***** (can't see foes moves properly, uneven ground and obstacles + high grass blocking view) -you can fall of and ruin everything -4 phase boss?? -No proper tactic to be found out. It's pure luck What I like about the fight: -
Actually if you learn his attacks patterns , it's way easier , or to dodge or deflect. It can take time yes but the actual big struggle is isshin phase 2 . Once you get it phase 3 is easy since you can do lightning reversal
Absolutely incorrect. Don’t be discouraged! Like every boss there are tactics that work and aren’t cheese. The terrain and the uneven ground are there on purpose. The field is high on purpose. If this troubles you there is a long stretch of road that the entirety of phase 3 and 4 can be fought on. Use the umbrella if you’re having trouble! Slowly but surely it gets easier and easier. Took me hours first time through, NG+ took me waaay less. You want a real challenge try it without Kuro’s Charm!
I was expecting alot from this fight, him pulling out a glock out of nowhere was NOT one of them lol
Sometimes his attack reach out of reach his animation, especially spear. It sucks you think you dodge it but still got hit.
Don't know if someone notice but , at the beggining of phase 2 , just after his first jump , he doesn't follow up wich let him open for big damages. I almost got half of his posture with a mortal draw ( 2 hit ) he doesn't guard it if you it properly on his back. I used ako sugar , so I guess you can pull out even more damages with the hypermode's one.( Was done on NG of course)
Souls games usually have a complete joke of an end boss. Why is this Dark Souls: Japan an exception?
Genichiro was the hardest boss in the game for me. Took all day to beat. The rest of the game was a breeze in comparison.
Then you suck.
thank you anon for adding so much to the conversation very helpful