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By Anonymous
So is there a difference in giving him this pinwheel instead of the White Pinwheel he is looking for?
By Anonymous
Thats what im trying to work out as well
By Anonymous
Well I could be wrong, but it seems like there is a difference between giving him the pinwheel he’s looking for, he mentions things like “pure white” or something very close to those words. I could be wrong, but I’d assume it’s a split path similar to sending people to either the clinic or chapel in Bloodborne if that makes sense
By Anonymous
They're two separate quest lines, if you give him the white one you then have to Spirit him away with a prosthetic, if you give him the red and white one you can either send him to the Merchant or the Surgeon in the dungeon. Sending him to the Merchant gives him new items to buy (Nothing really extraordinary though), if you send him to the Surgeon it progresses that quest line, but I haven't found out what rewards you get with that yet.
By Anonymous
Send him to surgeon and he becomes unique enemy later in the game past underground waterway shrine
By Anonymous
This is one of my favourite item descriptions so far; the way you find it alongside all the Jizo (memorial statues for deceased children) and other pinwheels just like it. Kotaro's questline makes it hit even harder. "Everyone is right here." ;-; That kind of bittersweet tone is what Fromsoft games thrive on.
By Anonymous
Do you think the line "everyone is right here" refers to the common saying "the customer is always right" in the sense he's going to work for a person who deals with customers on a regular basis?
By Anonymous
I don't believe so. The White Pinwheel says "Only the child is right here." in reference to the white one being all alone on the edge of a cliff. Perhaps the real meaning of the white pinwheel is that Kotaro was looking for a Child of the Rejuvenating Waters that had gotten separated from the rest? Food for thought.
By Anonymous
I take pure white being associated with only the child, as innocence. Everyone, which obviously includes all ages, having the introduction of red(blood) speaks to a loss of innocence. In a rotation, it could represent the cycle of life or Samsara.
By tomwisethered93
so if i gave him the white pinwheel im fCKED on the other quest?
By Anonymous
I gave him the white pinwheel and was still able to spirit him away, trying to figure out what point of both of these are
By Anonymous
The text should have warned to not use the divine abduction right after giving the pinwheel. The text is huge. Too much yada yada.