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His second phase can be surprisingly difficult if you do not have the Aerial Deflect passive skill. If he does the faster 3-hit attack ("Claw Flurry (Left)", which is only used after a deathblow was dealt him, there is a mistake in this article) after a stomp, you'll be still in the air and can't deflect it, so if for some reason you don't have that skill unlocked, then either don't stomp his sweep (which makes the fight slower but safer), or jump away from him so you have time to land before his next attack (bonus style points for doing backflips mid-fight).
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This is Ashina bîtçth we L1 in this muthafūćkã betta take yo spammy a$$ back to the Lands Between
By Anonymous
this made me laugh way harder than it should have
By Anonymous
Centipede giraffe. Isn't a centipede, nor a giraffe.
By Anonymous
Sekiro: Hey, I did it! I managed to perfectly parry all of this monsters attacks!
Every other NPC dying of dragonrot due to Sekiro dying 120 times: yay.
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tutorial pls? How to struggle on this boss?
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By Anonymous
Pity Descending Carp can't stack, or this boss would be laughably easy.
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