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By Dnbix
i dont like this guy
By Anonymous
This thing is probably the worst mini in this game, like Jesus Christ why do I have to fight him in a closet when his moveset is R1 spam and a perilous attack that he almost never uses.
By Anonymous
He is actually quite easy. Spam parry on him ( you don't have to get the timings perfect) and after he's finished he'll retreat a bit and then do a perilous attack you can jump for a lot of posture damage. Just repeat that 2 or 3 times and you can deathblow him. If you have trouble with your posture use one of the consumables that reduces posture damage you take.
By Anonymous
So this boss seems impossible until you realize you can punish his attack spam. If you deflect each of his attacks in the combo you can deathblow him in a couple of his combos. It seems kinda hard at first but once you get the pattern down it's surprisingly easy.
By Anonymous
Wow, you're right. So easy with deflecting
By Anonymous
Tried it, worked perfectly.
By Anonymous
The true boss is the camera
By Anonymous
The perilous attack only seems to happen if you deflect the LAST hit of his 8 attack combo - even if you only block everything else (provided you have the posture). At the perilous attack just jump on him and he's done - although he has 2 different patterns in phase 2
By Anonymous
I was having a hard time deflecting his last attack. Couldn't time it right. Then I started using the loaded umbrella and it became a piece of cake.
By Floodsye
Literally press L1/LB as many times as you can during combos, not kidding, just spam it hard. You'll have a better chance than trying to time it. The perilous attacks are not random on this guy, he uses them when you block the last attack in the combo. 2nd phase he uses the other perilous attack after two to three attacks of his other moveset combo.
By Anonymous
No he doesn't. It seems to be random. I've blocked every hit. I've blocked the first few then dodged the last. I've dodged the first few and blocked all the remaining. Still no perilous attack.
By Anonymous
Hey, you're right!
By Ac7avis
Equip: Ichimonji-double , firecracker , Yashariku's Sugar The boss will be stun-locked for the whole duration so you don't need to dodge or worry about your health. Use the sugar and remember the duration is rather short so you have to kill him fast. then go close to him and use firecracker, followed by Ichimonji(only once, don't do the follow up attack). Repeat this 4 times. At the fourth use, do a full Ichimonji-double and this should break his posture for you to finish him. Repeat this for his 2nd life, it should cost you a total of 16 emblems.
By Anonymous
THANK YOU! Perfect tip, one side note, you can use the double Ichimonji if you get in behind the boss, the first strike staggers him, the second one doesn't, so you have to be quick to throw more firecrackers.
By Anonymous
Flawless, didn't even need the sugar or double. Only needed to parry one combo after the fourth ichimonji
By Anonymous
The camera is so *****ed up in this battle. Since he just continuously pushing you into a wall when attacking, its ending showing me his crotch which is not helping deflecting his flurry of attacks. Really how many games they need too design too fix this bug with a camera? Its just should clip through a wall or other object and make its transparent. Thats pretty simple right? I remember its being there since Demon Souls or earlier?
By Anonymous
you can throw some ashes on him to make him stop the combo, opens up a breach for 2 or 3 hits
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