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Really straightforward, pretty simple tactics. Get the drop on him and remove one deathblow, then take out the gun adds. Then just dodge, deflect, attack. Repeat until deathblow. Lol only miniboss I was able to kill first go, but I'm bad so *shrug* probably got lucky.
glad you could, like most other mini bosses besides ogre/guy after him, this one pushed my***** in. I feel like i'm not improving at all
Funny I just beat him last night and he is the only boss so far I've been able to beat first go, didn't get hit at all actually. Found him extremely easy compared to everyone else so far.
Wonder if theres any lore as to why this guy drops Unrefined Sake...thats Isshins favorite drink. He's also in an interesting spot on the map and talking to monkeys.
whoops, meant to put this in with the Glutton.



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new images added. more boss images coming soon


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The best strategy for this guy seems to be, to first, take out all the rifle guys with the load shuriken on top the roof, and then stealth killing his first health bar. Other than that, just finish the fight like all the other samurai generals. Still overall a fun mini boss like the other samurai generals.