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This boss is way too easy
Berserk reference, nice.
Guys i have beaten the boss and i got the mechanical barrel but i died between the time i got to the dilapidated temple and it's gone from my inventory! how can i get it back ??
Why does Gyoubu even have this? The item description makes it sound like it was custom-made for the shinobi prosthetic.


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If you give Dragonspring Sake to Isshin, he mentions 4 people. Someone with cross spears, someone with illusions, someone tinkering with a prosthetic, and the Owl. The man with cross spears is Gyoubu, the woman with illusions is Lady Butterfly, and the man tinkering with a prosthetic is probably Dogen since he made the prosthetic. Isshin mentions these 4 as if they are great friends, which means that for whatever reason, Dogen must've given Gyoubu the mechanical barrel.