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is this thing obtainable? did this blade got cut from the game? im still fairly early and idc about spoilers on this blade
It didn't get cut, you'll find it later in the game, after Genichiro.
Play the game before you ask so many questions. Even when you do get the sword, you’re probably gonna come back here crying about how you can’t use it.
Are you seriously asking if the sword on the character's back in the cover art and all the trailers is actually in the game?
Wow, people get offended over anything. Yeah, you'll get it by advancing the main plot which is after meeting Kuro the 2nd time.
I don't know why people say you can't use it. You use it with the combat art mortal draw. Its to powerful to wield like any old sword, it destroys anything it hits that is living or immortal.


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With this blade you can kill your training buddy.
The unkillable monks in the main hall and just before the rice lady can be executed with this, by dealing a deathblow after knocking them out.
They immobile and revive after resting at not bonfire. So killing them doesnt make much sense.
I feel like it lacked a bit of importance from the mortal blade, I think I should have more boss to kill with it
Agreed. It would've been cool if we could've actually used it!
It’s really effective against most of the bosses once you learn how to utilize it correctly.
were do you find this item
To find it must drink some strong sake and kill 4 monkies first...
Senpou Temple. Where you meet that green robed monk. It's at the altar where he is at. But like the previous comment said, you have to kill the four monkey boss.
I wonder if anyone has a clue to the Black Mortal Blade
Go around Isshin house and you will see a note about the the other mortal blade. You can also eavedrop Isshin and Emma to hear about it.


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And paly the game to the end to see it (in most endings).
killed the first mist noble with one and a half of this after taking an Akos sugar. Seems to be pretty underwhelming against everything else tho.
Mortal Draw is awesome against the Owl.
***** you and your spoilers
people out here complaining about spoilers despite being on the wiki lmao
That guy's complaining about spoilers... on the wiki.... in the comment section for discussing the weapon.... under a comment that gives advice as to what boss it's good on. Whoever you are, you're an idiot, an imbecile, a halfwit, and every single other word that means "stupid". Just one of them isn't enough, you're too dumb for it to be quantified with one word.
Does the blade do extra damage against the other Headless? Confetti is hard to come by.
You'll find an item that let's the merchant at the Dilapidated Temple sell you confetti. Alternatively, you can get the Lilac Umbrella upgrade and combat art that let's you attack while using the umbrella to cheese those fights.