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By Anonymous
Deflection windows are noticably narrower
By Anonymous
nothing to do with the point rn but like i had mortal blade and i hadnt talked to that immortal mf til since literally genichiro (this was after killing sword saint so i was just messing around), and my dumbass didnt know why he was flabbergasted to see it, so i told him and went into a deep depression when i remembered he is immortal, and im ****ing stupid so i thought he wouldnt be in ng+ but thankfully he is
By Anonymous
gotta let our Hanbro rest, man's earned it
By Anonymous
Why is there no mention of added enemies in new game plus? I'm not sure where or how many, but there's an extra big rifle guy standing on top of the ledges next to the poison swamp idol.

I know a 100 percent sure he wasn't there in my new game as he wouldn't gotten in the way of my constant snake eyes poison griiled cheese sandwich.

How many others are there, I wonder.
By Anonymous
Pretty sure that guy was always there
By Anonymous
He spawns there after the invasion of Ashina castle, when you get the stone.
By agnacore
There are no added enemies in NG+, though some get added as you make main story progress and the world progresses to night (hence some areas suddenly having ghosts ambush you). With that said, though, I'm pretty sure the one you're referring to specifically is only moved there after you've defeated the Guardian Ape. The Headless Ape rampages through the area to get back to his cave, which destroys the little wooden shelters that were there if you showed up beforehand.
By Anonymous
i recommend killing all the headless before NG
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
*Please Help* First of all thanks to the author for all of his hardwork . This pages just make it alot easier to understand and appreciate the game more . So i just started playing this game a few days ago and i just can’t stop playing it all day . If you guys don’t mind please tell me your reccomendation what would be the best ending for your 1st playthrough ? I’m planning to go with shura ending first then go get all of the other endings afterwards on NG+ . However since the author of this page said there will be missing some keys item then i kinda have a second thought . I thank you all in advance for responding to this . My game progress is currently at Ashina Castle . I have defeated most of the mini bosses that available for me in ashina castle based on my current progress and i’m currently about to fight Ashina Genichiro for the second time if you include the begining of the game . Bosses like the crazy monk,5 monkey, the white dragons , Meeting the great serpant for the 2nd time , all of that i haven’t encountered yet . I went to explore senpou temple but couldn’t find anything besides all those monks patroling around the forest . That sums up where i’m at in the game . Please give me your guidance . All suggestions will be much appreciated
By Anonymous
Go for either the “Return” ending or the “Cleansing” ending first since they require the most work. I’m personally going for the return ending first. Watch “GamerGrade’s” progression guide it will show you everything
By Anonymous
go for shura ending in ng+
By Anonymous
Everyone goes shura first play through
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