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By Anonymous
Is ng+ the 2nd playthrough then ng+2 is the 3rd playthrough? Can someone confirm. Ty
By Anonymous
Yes it is. :)
By Anonymous
isn't "New Game" the second playthrough, then "New Game Plus" the third and so on?
By Anonymous
Answer to second anon: no "New Game" is when u start an entirely new file
By Anonymous
Does unspent memories carry over?
By Anonymous
I tested this with the saint isshin memory by not gaining the attack point from it before starting a new run and I still had it in NG+
By Anonymous
Does anyone know what the increase in enemy power is in NG+? Honestly the game wasnt to hard at least on my first play though. Going into NG+ now and iv only had issues on 2 bosses where i died more then like 3 times which was the 2nd owel fight and the last boss. Everyone els and pretty much the rest of the game wasnt hard once u figure out a strategy or method. Hoping on NG+ they up the anti since im going for a the homecoming ending now.
By Anonymous
Lmao people downvoting cause you said the game isn't hard when you learn to play. Classic case of gitting gud required
By Anonymous
Kuro charm, demon bell
By Anonymous
That’s great that you are so good at the game, but how does this help the people looking for info about the game?
By Anonymous
Do you get new battle memories for completing gauntlets on later ng+ playthroughs? Like if I complete all the gauntlets on ng+ and acquire battle memories, will I be able to acquire those memories again on ng++???
By Anonymous
yes you can acquire inner boss memories again in ng++
By Anonymous
what about outfits? do they carry over ng+?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can't keep increasing your vitality, so if it keeps scaling up damage I imagine by the final NG+ just about everything would be an instant kill which would kind of ruin the game.
By Anonymous
No, not at all. After the first NG+ cycle, it’s a very small increase.
By Anonymous
Well enemy health and damage maxes out at NG +7 so
By Anonymous
i imagine youd have to be well passed NG+10 for this since the game stops scaling at 7, and it would take a little while to hit that level of power
By Anonymous
does the ng+ effect the difficulty in the gauntlets?
By Anonymous
I'm about 90% sure the answer is yes
By Anonymous
I'm about 90% sure the answer is no
By Anonymous
I’m about 99% sure the answer is yes
By Anonymous
the answer is no, "tested" with tomoe's grab attack dealing much less damage in the gauntlet then in the playthrough on ng3
By agnacore
No, but having the Bell Demon and being Charmless do affect the gauntlets.
By Anonymous
what happens if o miss the headless in my first playthrough
By Anonymous
Kill them in the second. Since they are considered mini-bosses, they will usually drop coin bags upon a second defeat, or their respective main reward if it's the first.
By Anonymous
you miss the spiritfalls, no big deal. killed them all today
By Anonymous
Whenever i read a complaint on this wiki it reminds me of Filthy Franks Loser reads hater comments
By Anonymous
You are a man of true culture
By Anonymous
PSA for people looking for a challenge. According to the page on Attack Power, the 1st soft cap is at AP14, which is when you start getting diminishing returns on how much damage you deal. So that means if you limit yourself to AP14 at NG+7, which is the max difficulty, the game will only be twice as difficult in terms of deflecting and VIT damage.
By Anonymous
Yup. And if you dont limit yourself, the game becomes easier in NG+ than a first playthrough...
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