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By Anonymous
NG+ is optional. If you decline to go there at the end, you can go there from the idol in the dilapidated temple. (Where the sculptor used to be) You also get a Kuro's Charm in NG+, which supposedly lowers difficulty. You can give this charm back to Kuro.
By Anonymous
so can i get all ending in first run? Or i have to ng+?
By Anonymous
You mean Kuro's charm increases difficulty because when you block it does chip damage now.
By Zzzz
By Anonymous
"After completing the main story (not counting the Shura Ending path) ... you will receive Kuro's Charm" You do receive it after the Shura ending, even if that's your 1st playthrough (that's what I did).
By Anonymous
same. shura ending does give charm.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
So i might be dumb but i started a new playthough from idol and once i pick up the letter the hole form which iam suppoused to go up and start the training is locked , do i have to go the other way around though abandoned dungeon to get there ?
By Anonymous
Same thing happened for me
By Anonymous
Did you use cheats? Because I did (unlimited items and emblems) on NG+and that happened to me as well. My first run I did without cheats and NG+ started correctly.
By Anonymous
That's great anti-cheat, Miyazaki. lol Don't use CE to beat games. *****...
By Anonymous
I used the unlimited items cheat on a separate save file and had no trouble. So I don't know what kind of bug you're having
By Anonymous
So giving Kuro's Charm to Kuro makes the game harder?
By Anonymous
If you give Kuro back his charm at the beginning, but decide later that you no longer want the extra difficulty you can speak to the sculptor to negate it.
By Anonymous
thank you
By Anonymous
I have literally never posted on this site before but I just wanted to say ***** you for spoiling the final boss. Please make the *****ing spoiler warning bigger.
By Anonymous
it says ng+ m8, of course there are gonna be spoilers…
By Anonymous
If you're concerned about spoilers, get off the wiki.
By Anonymous
you're a ****ing * if you go to a ng+ post and cry about getting spoiled for the last boss lmao
By Anonymous
Goes on a Wiki and crys about spoilers rofl
By Anonymous
Why are you on the Wiki looking at information about post-game stuff if you don't want to be spoiled? Why wouldn't you just play through blind? Are you intentionally being a douchebag or actually this stupid?
By Anonymous
4 anonymous argue against an other anonymus or is this jist the one and i am also the one ???? i agree with the 4 though. why the ***** look up ng+ or bosses if you don t wanna get spoiled
By Anonymous
People like you are why tyranny is coming back and individual freedom is dying, idiots that refuse accountability for their own stupidity, and demand everything wrapped up nice and safe
By Anonymous
I've edited the page to hide the identity of the final boss (link still takes you to the boss page). Yeah, you're kind of opening yourself up for spoilers by checking a Wiki, but on the off-chance someone checks the page for stuff like "what carries over into NG+?" or "is NG+ optional?" they don't immediately have the identity of the final boss spoiled for them.
By Anonymous
This is hilarious, thanks for making me laugh.
By Anonymous
Damn you are really *****ing dumb
By Anonymous
While i agree with the other guys below, i also agree with this commenter: > I've edited the page to hide the identity of the final boss - Thank you for this, indeed people check sometimes info about what carries over, does the ng+ start automatically after beating final boss etc. So thank you for doing this. I still think it is stupid to go to wiki and not be ready to see the spoilers.
By Anonymous
"People like you are why tyranny is coming back and individual freedom is dying, idiots that refuse accountability for their own stupidity, and demand everything wrapped up nice and safe" A+
By Anonymous
Y’all fanboys dumb af people check NG+ to know the replayability of the game they are about to play etc. not to have the entire game spoiled lmao *****ing retards. Specially when ng+ has NOTHING to do with the endings anyway.
By Anonymous
for some unknown reason you can still use empowered mortal draw even before acquiring the mortal blade lol
By Anonymous
I wish the game would of told me that giving back the charm makes the game even more diffuicult cause then i wouldnt have done it.
By Anonymous
The charm itself says that it reduces your pain and giving it away would make the pain worse again. So in a way, it does say, that something will change to the worse if you give it back to Kuro.
By Anonymous
You can revert back if you talk to the sculptor right after the tutorial mission
By Anonymous
Definitely given after Shura ending, first playthrough and I got it on ng+ kuros charm
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