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hope it stacks with breath of life as i'm getting nature now :s
What’s the difference between this skill and the one (“Breath of Nature: Shadow”) aquired after defeating the armored warrior mini boss? The description sounds pretty same to me..
It's different in name and how you obtain it. That's it. It stacks with other abilities just like it. As a general rule of thumb: Unless explicitly stated or shown otherwise, assume everything stacks.
Wish this game would explain if latent skills stacked. Just defeated Orin of the water and got breath of nature, light. I already have this skill, so what is this doing for me?
Unless stacked otherwise, all of it stacks.
The game do explains it, briefly, in a loading screen, sometimes
Compared to the heal-on-deathblow talents, these posture ones seems really useless, given posture regenerates quickly on its own anyway. Definitely a skill I'd only grab if I was really running out of things to spend them on.