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Anyone know if you can get more than 3? Accidentally used one and I know its for the optional ending.
2 can be bought at the merchant in the temple
They're also drops from the monkeys
Yeah you can farm them from the monkeys in senpou temple
If you talk to the shugendo memorial mob he gives one as well.
"Persimmons become blood, blood becomes rice." wait! wait! you mean that when the divine child gives me rice she is literally killing herself to do so?!?! noooooooooo
That's why she gets sick, yo.
now I feel bad every time I ask for rice
Her back is turned to me, I keep resting and I farmed extra persimmons in case. What do I need to do? Ive given her one already and done the stuff with Kuro
For anyone having trouble, you need to give the Divine Child the Holy Chapter: Infested, and everything will continue normally. Hope this helps!
if you give some of this to the divine child, she will eventually giggle. maybe there is a chance...
“Divine child”

Yo wtf
this item is very strong and worth farming, when you use one it will be very difficult for any enemy to posture break you
Le monke drops it.
Persimmons are orange, 2/10 game : (