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By Anonymous
I will admit that his firecracker attack is a massive pain, and in my experience, the most reliable way to avoid and punish it is to dodge directly away, then immediately back for a counter slash. By the time you start your counter slash his chasing slice from the firecrackers will have already whiffed
By Anonymous
Some tips:

1. I see a lot of people complaining the Firecracker attack in both fights. Solution: Mist Raven. When he throws the crackers at you, wait about half a second or slightly less, and then cast. You will avoid the damage, jump in the air (if you didn't click any direction) and land an attack. In the first fight, this is a 100% guaranteed hit. In the second fight, this is still the case in the first phase, but it's less likely in the second phase because he usually vanishes after using it, but this is still a guaranteed way to avoid this attack.

2. In the second phase of the first phase, ALWAYS bum rush him the moment he jumps away. He will either try to recover posture or try to follow up, but either way, he will always be open the moment he lands on the ground. You can do this in the first phase as well as the second fight too, but dodging the shurikens is tricky. It's safer to deflect and it is very easy, but this leaves you without a good attack.

3. Combat art skills where you jump are good against him because he has no anti airs at all (As long as he's in the ground - The attack where he jumps and tries to crush you with the sword can hit you). Sakura Dance and Senpou Kicks are both potential ways to dodge an attack as well as hit him, such as when he rushes at you.

4. This fight has the same basic premise as Genichiro. It is a skill check for deflecting. If you can do okay vs Genichiro but think you suck at this fight, look at it the same way you do Genichiro - Focus on deflecting. ALL of his attacks are deflectable, including the phoenix owl in the second fight as well as the thrust following it (since a lot of people seem to not be aware that thrusts are deflectable).
By Anonymous
Hardest boss yet for me, (didn't beat bosses after him) , however using fire axe made the 1st phase a lot faster , you just have to execute it when he's doing that little green ball thing or after the double shuriken jump.
By Anonymous
The unwarned grab attack (the one where he steps on you and stabs you) is usually performed when you get posture broken. Safety roll if he tries to approach while you are on the ground.
By Anonymous
Abuse Aged Feather Mist Raven. Profit.
By Anonymous
How this man 10' tall yet fight like an utter gremlin
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