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By Anonymous
this boss is so much cancer i can't even
By Anonymous
Seriously I got super close to killing him but died to him like 20 times. I haven’t died that much to a boss since ds2 came out and I was a noob
By Anonymous
Yeah I don't he is easy to learn but does to much damage he one shots me with 16 vitality with his strike after the one shuriken. But what anoys me even is you learned to *****ing deflect everything and deals massiv posture damage even if you deflect and you just go back to your bloodbornecombat i frame through weapon and spam r1
By Anonymous
He said his real name in a cutscene ukonzaemon uzu after.... Spoiler... Spoiler after fighting sekiro
By Anonymous
In deed
By Anonymous
For learning his name it depends about the choice you made when you meet him and he ask you to make a choice
By Anonymous
ukonzaemon is more of a title in japenese
By Anonymous
Yes and no (this is not a spoiler) , i just want to correct the first comment of the guy, he is right his full name is usuyu ukonzaemon, i'm japenese
By Anonymous
He has a Mikiri Counter that annihilates your health bar, dont use a thrust attack unless hes recovering
By Anonymous
Don't use it even when he is recovering. Don't use it here at all. i removed his health bar then used thrust and immediately got 1 shot.
By Anonymous
Yes, don't use it at all. His counter is BS. I only found it out when i was about to kill him, used thrust and got 1 shot. It must a bad dev joke, seriously ffs. I understand if he dealt fixed damage, but he just one shots you.
By Anonymous
is there not a closer Idol Shrine? I have to run all the way from Ashina Castle Idol, and it's aids i always get hit by at least one "Rat"
By Anonymous
Head around the side and back in through the window like last time you were here
By Anonymous
fight the Vilehand mini boss and u can access the Dojo idol
By shelbertdoo
If you don't want to fight Vilehand you can unlock the antechamber idol, climb back out the window you came through, grappel up to the next level and then to the top.
By Anonymous
does anyone know how to fight him in hirata ?
By Anonymous
oh nvm. i just found out XD
By Anonymous
Care to share your findings?
By Anonymous
After defeating Owl head to Isshin’s place and eavesdrop on him and Emma Eavesdrop on Kuro from behind a corner in his room Rest and head upstairs to talk to Emma about Kuro, agree with her Rest and talk to her again Head to Old Grave Idol, go left immediately to the graves and talk to Emma again Head to Sculptor Place and eavesdrop on both of them from behind the building Confront Emma and receive a bell from her which you use at the Buddha statue again Head to the same room Lady Butterfly was in Beat Owl – Good Luck with that
By Anonymous
If you mean tips for fighting then here you go: I pretty much used the same strat i use for every damage sponge in SoulsBorne. Run, hit 2 times, run again, rinse and repeat. Wait for his attack, let the combo end by deflecting all his attack, then hit 1 time. Jump when he does sweep attack, after that he starts slowly charging his sword attack, wait till he put his both hands right above his head them press B(O), after that you can hit him 2 times. Sometimes after combo he uses firecrackers, dodge them by holding left stick down (dodge back to stay away from his attack after firecrackers). Try to use mikiru every time when he does that long attack. In 2nd phase gtfo whenever he dissappears (run), wait for his combo to end, attack. When he shoots at you with a beam jump (it's kinda easy to avoid by just jumping), immediately after landing after your jump press B(O) to counter his attack with mikiri, this way you can deal plenty of damage to his posture. Do not be greedy! Never attack him more than 2 times or he will kill you easily with his combo. Just be patient (run deflect, mikiri, jump etc.).
By Anonymous
spam r1 like a * to win ... what a joke r1 r1 r1 l1 repeat .. lose pressure and die , stupid
By Floodsye
Yep, just press R1, see how that works out for you. As for posture, you literally described how the mechanic works...From's games are different from each other, you can't expect Sekiro to be Dark Souls shield camping...the whole point of the combat is force you to engage.
By Anonymous
I think op is right because of the extreme posture samage he deals even if you deflect this guy is cancer in your butt
By Anonymous
yes that's it. worked for me as well. don't know why everyone says this fight is so hard. even with demon bell buff it was easy.
By Anonymous
i just watched someone fight this boss and after beating the first stage, the boss kneeled and begged not to kill him? has this happened to anyone else because i've never seen that happen before
By Anonymous
i think it's either to do with having the demon bell active or picking up both snake viscera before fighting him, but i dont remember if i did the viscera before or after defeating this boss
By Anonymous
I think it's the first time you go into phase 2, after the first time when you enter phase 2 he just stands up and keeps fighting
By Anonymous
In response to a reply here, he got down on his knees for me and I only had the dried viscera during this fight. Although he only does that the first time he enters phase 2
By Anonymous
He does this the first time you go into phase 2, after that he never does it again.
By Anonymous
that's weird, i don't remember that happening for me but maybe i just kept hitting him as soon as phase one was over. thanks everyone for the info!
By Anonymous
that happens first time you get him to phase 2 , and as a response to some other comments , i had both viscera while fighting him and my bell was off
By Anonymous
For me he was kneeling as said "wait... wait...wait" and nothing happened and he couldn't be locked so I got close to him and suddenly he jump into air and said "Fool" and landed with massive force, I ran away before it did any damage.
By Anonymous
This fight is impossible to win
By Anonymous
if people can do laddle only runs of ds2, YOU CAN DO THIS, dont give up, learn form your mistakes and improve, you got this boyo
By Anonymous
im tilting so much at this ***** right now
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