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You can give it to the sculptor and Emma.
Does anyone know if there's a "correct" recipient?
The one Emma gives is meant for Sculptor (and I don't think you can give it back to her). But otherwise, there are enough of each sake item for all recipients.
It’s given to you by Emma after you cure the dragonrot from the sculptor. Emma says something along the lines of “its his favourite tea, treat him to some since he’s healthy again”
is second and third point the same location, i cant find 3 sake?
somehow I have a fourth one from the second Hirata estate memory and Im not sure what to do with it.
WARNING: You cannot give any sake to Emma anymore after she gave you the bell for the Purification ending route, so if you want to pull all the "sake dialogue", put Isshin as the last person to give the sakes (unless you're going to the Shura route).
What does Isshin mean when saying the people of Ashina used to be heretics? What does that have to do with them being overrun and their land conquered?