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Worst area in the game
its a nice place to farm exp though 86 exp per villager
if you have gachin's spiritfall, you can sneak kill the ninja near mibu village idol for 783 exp, cost you 4 spirit per use but he will drop 2 spirit and 83 golds and it's possible to go back to rest and kill him once more time before the effect run out
I'd like to nominate the area leading to the gunfort with all of the snipers. Anor Londo archers redux
That spooky combat music tho
Welcome to Blighttown 3.0
How do we get the chest in the waterfall next to the water mill idol?
Sorry, it seems the chest being referenced is next to the bridge with the phantom samurai on it and after the shamisen player. I don't know what I was seeing in the waterfall mentioned above
So I found myself here soon after stepping foot in Ashina Castle after the bull fight by finding the hole to the dungeon, jumping to depths, finding hidden forest, (no ape fight), and killing the mist noble. Should I turn back? Am I messing up the progression and npc quests? Or should I press on and just kill the monk? I’ve been to no other areas and the last boss I killed was Gyoubu.
honestly im curious too.. all the soulsborne games make me antsy like im going to ***** up progression or quests by barging around blindly haha, especially when the guide is unfinished definitely seems like a place youd want to have more stats for, and decked out with the better items and skills game progress route says finish the castle first so thats what im going to do if youre worried, on pc you could always back up your save and reload it after exploring a bit down there either way, worst case you become familiar with a later area, miiight do something out of order, and just do it legit on NG+, once the guide is completed. but i doubt theres anything we could really ***** up
Thanks for the reply. To paint more of a picture I've done Nothing passed killed the bull. Then stumbled upon the hole with the longswordsman ninja, found abandoned dungeon, jumped right into the hole to the depths, somehow killed the rifle miniboss there, then waltzed to hidden forest, bumbled my way through somehow killing the glutton, and onto the mist noble. I did talk 3 times to that one bewitched samurai guy. But not the surgeon or anyone else I've read about. I just want peace of mind I'm not cancelling out anything cool but screw it I guess. Any further insight is appreciated
Honestly you should be fine. It doesn't appear that there's anything after the Monk (in spectral form right now) in the Mibu Village except that quest item. I'm sure the devs have anticipated any style of progression and have accounted for it. If they didn't, then you're the first!
I went here early too. Nothing gets screwed up, you’ll actually find it beneficial when you get Mibu Breathing Technique early and give yourself more to explore underwater.
There is a guy with a basket on his head, a resident of the village that hasn't turned yet, he's in one of the other houses with a hole from the roof you can jump in. All he gives is some village information though.
return later and he'll turn into zombie, gives a lot of exp
I'm currently farming the purple ninja by the Mibu Village Idol, great farming spot if you're that far into the game. Here's some info for when his page goes up: 784 XP, 84 Sen. So far the drops have been: Pacifying Agent x1, Gokan's Sugar x1, Contact Medicine x1 and x2, Lump of Fat Wax x1 and x2. Can drop 2 Fat Wax and 2 Contact simultaneously.
Make sure you have Suppress Presence first. Otherwise he'll spot you before you can get the stealth kill. With it, you can hug the left wall and sneak up before he sees you. One of the fastest spots I've seen so far.


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Yep, Suppress Presence required+wall hugging. Also has 100% Spirit Emblem x1 drop rate


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The whole area is a pretty great farming spot as you can one shot most of the mobs, equipping whirlwind slash allows you to deal with big groups and using the recover health on deathblows allows you to easily clean through all of the mobs while maintaining a steady pace, using the mind control on the big hammer and big bell carrying taro eaters allows for free exp while you easily deal with the other mobs.
is palanquin serves any purpose with that massive rope above? Or it's just for looks?
You'll be back to to palanquin for Fountainhead Palace, so, not just for look =))
None of the apparitions or spirits spawned for me.
Phantoms only spawn at dusk, which is triggered during the first invasion of Ashina Castle.
I got to the hidden forest before killing the guardian ape or Genichiro and I had apparitions everywhere. They went away when I killed the must noble.
The only boss that I fought to get here was the mist noble. I did not encounter any apes except the monkeys surrounding the glutton boss. I also ignored the shichimin warrior that I saw.
The Guardian Ape doesn’t appear down there until you “kill” it in the watering hole first.