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How do make this upgrade? I’ve bought it from merchant, can’t seem to upgrade it anywhere?
It's a material needed for an upgrade later on in the prosthetic upgrade tree.
the same problem, been trying to figure for hours but then i saw comment uder yours! Cheers!
Just beat the boss at Ashina Castle gate. Gyobu Oniwa and return to the sculptor.
Its tier 4, second from the top. You need to upgrade Spinning Shuriken, Spring-Loaded Axe, I think a mist feather one, then Phantom Kunai.
it's an upgrade to the shuriken prosthetic, not it's own tool, it's in teir 4 of the prosthetic upgrade tree for the material cost listed on this page
You can upgrade at the sculptor who made your prosthetic arm
Is there any way to get this if you killed the merchant when he was in the Hirata estate? I did this thinking he wasn't an important npc and now I cant upgrade my prosthetic.
You can buy it at the shrine box next to undead guy at dilapidated Temple. It appeared for me after I reached the last section of the game.
purchased from the merchant that sells info after you beat the mini boss
Costs 2 spirit emblems instead of 1.
This sends out lady butterfly's yellow spirt butterflies,which cant be guarded against and if you charge the attack will send out I think 5 or 6 plus the original kunai
While it doesn't stun the enemy,using this on bosses with a short stun window rather than firecrackers normally leads to more damage than just a slash,but very little posture dmg
Owl and Monk bosses were taking significant damage from butterflies. Im not shure if that's because they are also vulnerable to Confetti (like apparition-type enemies) or not.
In the first fight with Genichiro, he can block (or dodge?) Some of the butterflies. He doesn't dodge it per say, he blocks and they just fly right through him with out doing damage, though he will be hit by a few of them.