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You get x3 Lump of Fat Wax if you decide lure Jinzaemon Kumano down to the Abandoned Dungeon after receiving Surgeon's Bloody Letter from Doujun.
Enemies sitting down at Main Hall Idol in Senpou Temple drop Lump of Fat Wax.
How do you kill them tho?
You need the mortal blade from the girl after you beat the folding monkey. You get there by praying at the shrine after you save kuro
The old ladies at the top of the castle (where the samurais are) can drop wax, but it's a rare drop
You can farm the old ladies with the demon bell
Drop rate increases dramatically after you kill the boss at the end of the Senpou temple area and obtain the "spoiler" They will drop about 33% of the time off of the regular monk enemies in the Senpou Temple area
just went to check this and yes! They drop ALOT of fat wax. Thank you sir
Thank you it works!
Yep yep, just killed everything from the first idol up the path, got about 9 of them. Much faster than the Flower Viewing Stage in Fountainhead, though no grave wax.
you can farm the vilagers that live on the mibu vilage, where there is giants with big bells on a chain, little guys that get 1 hit kill, you can use the orb to increase the item drop rate, and then kill like 30 of them in 1 minute, this way you will farm some gold, exp and if lucky enough you should get some wax
the undead bug monks drops them most of the time
Lumps of diseased, growing fat? Are we literally shoving cancer into our fake arm? ewww.
cancer fat
The leper nun in sunken valley drops them.