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By Anonymous
Jesus Christ your guys location descriptions are TRASH

Nobody uses your guides, stop wasting characters & fix your website
By Anonymous
Would be cool if it didn't see you through walls :/
By Anonymous
How come after the great carp dies, it ends up in the apes watering hole, but not the bottom of the lake in fountainhead palace like the rest of the skeletons there?
By Anonymous
He used Mist Raven right before dying.
By Anonymous
So the way the Lotus of the Palace and other Sunken Valley related item descriptions make it seem is that the Sunken Valley is a collecting point for the Fountainhead waters. This is just my theory, but maybe there's basically a magic water portal connecting the two locations, and the great colored carp somehow went through it. Not a great explanation, but it's all I can think of.
By Anonymous
When i saw it turn hostile, open it's mouth and lunge towards me my heard dropped because i thought it's going to vore me