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By Anonymous
This guide was incredibly helpful with all of the links. Sure, it wasn’t holding your hand the whole way, but gave great info to get me through purification ending.
By Anonymous
If you frequently explore, understands the lore, always talks with npcs, then you're most likely be getting the 3 endings without reading the guide. The dragon homecoming ending is a bit hidden at first, but the old lady asking for rice made it easy :)
By Anonymous
looks like the dislikes came from people who can't finish a game without reading a guide. lol! I came to this wiki after finishing the game btw :P
By Anonymous
why would I try eavesdropping every single npc after every encounter lol
By Anonymous
eat bite down.
By Anonymous
i just didn't want to use all that time foraging for an ending when the conditions are easily revealed with one web search lol
By Anonymous
I agree with this because i played this game patiently and explored and talked to anyone i could just because i wanted to make the game seem longer, i could see how some ppl tho would not want to do that and the guide could be very helpful tosave time
By Anonymous
Ummm.... I think I made a big buubuu, So I got the 2 important ingredients for the "Return" ending right and went to the Divine Child and gave her 1 important ingredient but did not give her the other one...Then whateever happened to me i went to the idol and rested and the door shut...I'm so stupid, can i still get the return ending as i progress?
By Anonymous
NVM as I opened my inventory and look for the 2 important ingredients theyre gone :) so its more likely the Divine Child got the 2.... Im so happy I thought I messed it up
By Anonymous
Hey! It’s me again so ye I did get the frozen tears just now all I have to do is just get the flower and the stone and stay loyal to kuro, burn the incense and after that I went to the divine child and man! I’m so glad to meet the child again… LEZGO GET THE PLATINUM!!!
By Anonymous
For the purification ending, I can't get Kuro to spawn near the incense burner so that I can eavesdrop. I've got the shelter stone and the mortal blade but haven't killed the ape yet this playthrough. I've exhausted all dialogues and have reset the area numerous times. Not sure what I'm missing because I know I've gotten through these steps on other playthroughs.
By Anonymous
get the lotus and put the shelter stone along with the lotus in the incense and rest than he should be near the incense buner

By Anonymous
Thanks for the quick reply. I was able to activate the eavesdrop only after defeating Owl, as you said. I think the above guide might be incorrect unless there's something I was missing.
By Anonymous
for the return ending, if you get the holy chapter early, it needs to be stated that you then have to go fight genichiro to progress. You will not have access to the illusive hall bell to start the cutscene until after genichiro fight.
By Anonymous
Figure it out yourself casul
By Anonymous
I did the Purification ending on my first playthrough because I remember getting the Aromatic Flower at some point. I never killed Lord Kuro and I watched Sekiro sacrifice himself to end the Dragon's Heritage.
By Anonymous
putting spoilers post on a guide website lol you weren't thinking huh
By Anonymous
You can sort of naturally run into the return ending by remembering that the hags asked for rice and going back and forth to request it from the divine child and give it to them. After that the questline holds your hand a bit more than the guide might imply. The purification ending just looks silly though.
By Anonymous
After reading through this. It seems to me that I almost completed all the steps for the return ending on my first playthrough, but didn't talk to someone at the right time or something cause I got the Immortal Severance ending instead. ****
By Anonymous
Same here, brother. I have her the viscera and then I kind of missed the last step. I thought it was all bait.
By Anonymous
Why must Miyazaki always make the coolest ending the bad one?
DS3 you have to betray all your friends but you become the lord of darkness.
Sekiro you kill all your friends but you become the god of war or something similar.
Elden ring you set the world on fire but it looks really cool.
By Anonymous
Evil is tempting. Welcome to the world.
By Anonymous
shut your Gai *** up
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
k. you are cool bro
By Anonymous
All of those are cringe. Non-autismos don't automatically associate "evil" with "oool"
By Anonymous
Because you haven't passed your edgy phase.
Its not Miyazaki. Its you.
By Anonymous
^^ even us autismos don't do that, you're thinking of the average southern american.
By Anonymous
Eh, not a god of war. More like just an empty husk running around, obsessed with only killing.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Dragonrot must be cured before certain stages of the child's questline can be progressed
By Anonymous
Which steps?
By Anonymous
That's not true.
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