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By Anonymous
It is hard to write a guide without spoiling the whole final before the STEPS????. Oh my god, with the new From Software game releasing later this year (Armored core) please, just write a generic description before the steps, and AFTER THE STEPS the full final. I love this site, but i'm disappointed with this specific page.
By Anonymous
The game came out years ago, the spoiler warning window has long since passed. Maybe don't look up guides for a game you're trying not to be spoiled on and just play it.
By Anonymous
Then go check other sites instead. You should be thankful that there is a detailed guide like this.
By Anonymous
You can skip reading those parts as soon as you realize what they're there for, a.k.a. act like a human being who has more than 2 brain cells
By Anonymous
Seriously? The endings are no.longer thought of as spoilers, because they're all over youtube
By Anonymous
try finger
but hole
By Anonymous
Got all 4 of the endings. That means 4 playthroughs. I'm happy. The Return ending is definitely the best as it shows Wolf alive, the Divine Child is pregnant with Kuro from the way she dresses and how she walked ('cradle' literally means a baby's bed after all) and they are about to embark on the journey west to return the Dragon's Heritage to its home. The text and dialog further implied that returning the Dragon's Heritage does not mean Kuro dies at the end so it's quite likely he'll be born normal. As for Wolf, he'll still remain undying throughout the journey enabling him to protect both his charges until the Dragon's Heritage is returned and his immortality is presumably ended. Other than the above, why this is best ending? Sequel hook!
By Anonymous
The best and the "true" ending has us impregnate an immortal child. Gotta love Fromsoft
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pregnant! now i wish i went shura :<
By Anonymous
The Purification Ending is arguably the best outcome. Sekiro’s purpose is to protect Kuro no matter the cost, meaning that it will eventually result in his own demise. In any other outcome, Kuro is either killed or consumed and therefore ceases to exist. If you want to do Sekiro’s character justice, go for the purification ending.
By Anonymous
Technically his "true purpose" is to obey Owl before obeying Kuro so if you go by that logic, "doing Sekiro justice" would be by choosing what leads to the Shura ending. Disobeying Owl is already the step into overcoming purpose and doctrine and making determined choices as a human being and not just a living tool for malicious puppetiers like Owl. And Kuro will be reborn in the Dragon's Homecoming ending so it's not like he is gone forever.
By Anonymous
Technically Sekiro's "true purpose" is to obey his father, Owl, before obeying Kuro. So by that logic, "doing his character justice" would mean to choose what leads to the Shura ending. Disobeying Owl is already the step into overcoming things like purpose or doctrine and making determined, autonomous choices and not just being a blind tool for malicious puppetiers like Owl.
By Anonymous
Oh my bad, I sent this ^ twice because I was confused when the text disappeared after submitting.
By Anonymous
i agree but your conclusion is wrong. If he wants to protect Kuro, he needs to keep Kuro and himself alive to continue to protect him. Giving up his own life to cleanse Kuro is very shortsighted, given that other people might know that he has these powers, too. I think its a viable choice if he would have never found out about the Homecoming Option. Its the second best Option but still not a good one.
By Anonymous
Sekiro's true purpose is indeed to obey his father, but if he disobeys Kuro, then he is disobeying his father. so no matter what he does, he is a disobidient child, so the best course of action is to obey Kuro, since in this case he isn't disobeying his father and his master.
By Anonymous
I got the "Do what needs to be done" line from Kuro but Emma isn't moving to the top of the stairs. Is that ok or should i just go get the shelter stone?
By Anonymous
you need to talk to her until you get tomoe's note, then she'll move to the 2 graves near old grave idol
By Anonymous
You need to defeat owl first
By Anonymous
(For the person below me) It's considered the best one because even if Sekiro sacrifices himself to sever Kuro's immortality, someone else might be chosen by the Divine Dragon to become the next Divine Heir like Kuro was as Sekiro never killed the Divine Dragon, only took it's blood/tears. In the Return Ending, Sekiro and the Divine Child leave Japan with the essence of Kuro to return the Dragon to it's original location somewhere west meaning all this fighting and greed for eternal life for Divine Heritage will finally leave Japan upon achieving the Return Ending, in a way serving the greater good for the people of Japan, hence why it is considered the "best" ending
By Anonymous
How is Dragon's Homecoming ending the good one? Kuro still dies, well technically the Divine Child eats him, but still he is not alive.
Imo the good ending is the one where Sekiro sacrifices himself for Kuro to live.
And the default ending where Sekiro becomes the Sculptor is the more poetic one.
Dragon's Homecoming is just meh.
By Anonymous
It is the best ending because it ends the curse of the dragon´s heritage, meaning no one will suffer the same fate as Kuro (at least in Japan). Also the absorption of Kuro into the Divine Child doesn´t mean Kuro is dead, he is alive inside of her (she can even speak to him and he is happy about the journey Sekiro and the Divine Child are about to go on to)
By Anonymous
"Sekiro and the Divine Child then set out to travel west to return the Dragon from whence it came and finally end the Dragon's Heritage from returning to Japan."

It ends the Dragon's Heritage so there won't be more bloodshed over immortality, unlike the purification and immortal severance endings; "this may not be a permanent solution as the Divine Dragon may choose another to be its heir."
By Anonymous
Im trying to do the return ending but the door to the inner sanctum wont open when i've got the snake visera. Have i done something wrong?
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