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By Anonymous
You can sort of naturally run into the return ending by remembering that the hags asked for rice and going back and forth to request it from the divine child and give it to them. After that the questline holds your hand a bit more than the guide might imply. The purification ending just looks silly though.
By Anonymous
After reading through this. It seems to me that I almost completed all the steps for the return ending on my first playthrough, but didn't talk to someone at the right time or something cause I got the Immortal Severance ending instead. ****
By Anonymous
Same here, brother. I have her the viscera and then I kind of missed the last step. I thought it was all bait.
By Anonymous
Why must Miyazaki always make the coolest ending the bad one?
DS3 you have to betray all your friends but you become the lord of darkness.
Sekiro you kill all your friends but you become the god of war or something similar.
Elden ring you set the world on fire but it looks really cool.
By Anonymous
Evil is tempting. Welcome to the world.
By Anonymous
shut your Gai *** up
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
k. you are cool bro
By Anonymous
All of those are cringe. Non-autismos don't automatically associate "evil" with "oool"
By Anonymous
Because you haven't passed your edgy phase.
Its not Miyazaki. Its you.
By Anonymous
^^ even us autismos don't do that, you're thinking of the average southern american.
By Anonymous
Eh, not a god of war. More like just an empty husk running around, obsessed with only killing.
By Anonymous
Dragonrot must be cured before certain stages of the child's questline can be progressed
By Anonymous
Which steps?
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