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This boss is optional, There is a Path right over him
Hey look the drunk dude has a brother who wants revenge.
He just threw himself into the abyss when I tried to run past him. Be careful, you might end up missing out on a prayer bead like I just did.
The prayer bead should appear in the lost items box in delapidated temple. Although there is a bug that displays the item and says "the box is empty" upon interaction.
From this cliff where you can jump down to him, the entrance so to say, if you run and jump on the right, there is a point where you can grapple. It shoots you to this little platform behind him. So the "pretactic" is to go in, kill the monkeys, go back to the wall huging part until the music is over and the yellow triangle is gone. Jump to the platform, backstab him and fight only for one deathblow.
better leave this guy after u got rid of the mist.
He dissapears after mist off. It's so dumb*****. I can't play after this*****.
He is still there after the mist disappears.
If you use the finger whistle, then it will make the sniper monkey on the cliff shoot him. It distracts him constantly and makes the fight incredibly easy. The other monkeys around him will fight him too, but he kills them quickly. He can't do anything about the sniper monkey
I tried this, and it was both hilarious and effective.
I loved this game from the start but by the time I made it through Sunken Valley with it's monkeys and then come across sniper monkey here...GOTY man, game is the year. I love this game.
Kill the monkeys, go past the boss and jump off the cliff. You will respawn in the battle arena with the boss unaware if your presence, thus allowing you to quickly stealth kill him and removing one of his health bar
or you simply grapple to the next tree, does the same but without lossing health
Or you simply get better at the game and don't cheese
Disappeared after i killed Mist Noble, reappeared after i reloaded location ... oof, and i already started lament loss of bead
I fought him while the mist was still around... but when I did, every time I put some distance between us, like any at all, he just sat there like an idiot until I hit him again. He wasn't offensive at all for me. It seemed broken. I think I got lucky.