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steam achievements have Father Surpassed? how fight owl
it's part of "Purification ending"
Secret Door before Lady Butterfly pretty good loot with a bead
https:/ /www. youtube. com/watch?v=cpn6woaSNi4
The best way to fight the Mist Raven ninja i found was to trigger the fight, kite him to the ledge where the lake is, and jump down. When you get upstairs again you can easily backstab him to immidiately get the kill!
On the path that leads to the 2 spear monks there is an item behind some bamboo thickets, can't figure out how to get it.
just crouch under the bamboo
just crouch lol
When you get the bundled Jizo statue, you can see an item through the bamboo. How do you get to it?
I think the item you are talking about is where the two monks with spears are. to get there go to the grave yard and when you see the alone enemy there is a path down to the monks.
Just crouch! I had the same problem :) Looked for 20 minutes for a route...
There is a shortcut not mentioned here. If you jump off the bridge with the two shield dudes before Enshin and swim upstream a bit, you can grapple your way up to a hidden area. From there you can pass through a cave and come out near the Main Hall Idol
There is no point in going there before getting the Temple key from Owl
So, no specific page for the Lone Shadow that shows up where Owl "died". Any tips? Drives me crazy with those wolves
I know huh, hes kicking my *** repeatedly. Any luck beating him?
This is the page for that fight Throw a shuriken at him when he's about to whistle, dodge his kicks at the last second possible a nd punish him.
Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer
An easy method is to make his edge work for you, use your whistle and it will make the dogs attack him so you can take advantage of that. Allow a dog to hit him to take his attention from you, hit him when he faces a dog, let the dog hit him again, and just keep at it.
if you pull him far enough down the path bamboo pathway, he will be on constant retreat going back to the on-fire-estate. Just keep attacking him and all he will do is defend and get hit, so you build up posture and in no time execute him really easily.
Start from Main Hall idol and backtrack towards him. Don't fight anyone on the way. Jump on the tree and immediately jump towards the roof of the high pagoda. Wait until all the enemies stop following you. Lock on Lone Shadow, run and jump from the very edge to stab him. Half of the fight done. Now stay aggresive and don't let him wistle. His posture fills rather quickly so don't stop attacking/deflecting. If you're away and you see him do nothing for a second immediately throw a shuriken. His jump attack is rather easy to dodge and punish with Mortal Draw which makes tons of damage.
When he calls for the wolves, try clinging to the tree right next to him and wait until they are under you, next, you use the Mountain Echo prosthethic tool and the wolves will aggro the lone shadow guy or they'll start fighting each other. Of course, you can get some free hits while he's busy dealing with the wolves(remember not to target any of the wolves if you are using the Mountain Echo specifically, cause it'll will only drive crazy that one wolf, not the whole pack).
Clear out the bridge enemies, draw him out, stealth DB when he’s walking back, and then alternate axe and R1 until he drops.
The Ministry Ninja fell down the shaft thing with me. I jumped into the water and he drowned trying to follow me lol
Roosters and Axe Bandits are missing from the enemy category.