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He's voiced by a woman named Amber Heard according to IMDB.
im assuming that's the english voice actor from the role, who is also johnny depps ex wife
thought the kid was a girl
The divine heir is most definitely a girl. For one, both of eng and *** voice actors are girls. Two, she told sekiro to close his eyes when she pierce the mortal blade on her chest. Three, the surviving child of rejuvenating waters is also a girl.
You need jesus.
The meaning of the name Kuro is Ninth Son.  It's a Male name. 1. Most young male characters are voiced by women. 2. You could view that in different ways, sekiro really wouldn't want to see his lord come to harm. 3. I don't see how that's relevant to anything.
I am also not sure, if they could let a child do the dub for scenes, which are not meant for the child to be seen.
Heck even Naruto that is 12, 15 and later 30+ years old voiced by woman.. EVEN BLOODY GOKU VOICED BY A WOMAN... So no, voice actors means nothimg, it is common for women to voice children, another examples - Bart Simpson, Timmy Turner
Game theory: you’re dumb as *****
The meaning of the name Kuro is Ninth Son.  It's a Male name. Women also a lot of young male characters. Off the top of my head, Goku, Trunks, Bart Simpson have all been voiced by women. Chill with the dopamine, this is really normal.
Also voice* sorry, messed up and didn't read before posting.
Don't forget Timmy Turner.


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What's his Japanese title again? (honestly it'd be nice if all the characters Japanese titles are also displayed here)


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i'm trying to go through as many of them as i can but goddamn there's a lot


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What's his Japanese title again?
They call him 御子 (Miko). It mean's "god's son" or "child of the emperor" according to jisho dictionary. So it fits the "Divine Heir" english translation.
If you eavesdrop on Kuro while he is in the library, he talks to someone. Don't know if the lines are correct (have to translate from german) "We're almost there" - "yes" - "do what's necessary" - whom is he talking to? please feel free to enlighten me.
i think he is talking to himself, to deepen his resolve about Immortal Severence
That’s supposed to be him talking to Emma. Normally he says this in the main room where she’s standing.
Spoiler ahead: Kuro gender most likely is female. In english version at the end of the game when you win with Genichiro he says something about blood in HER veins.
he's talking about the divine child. kuro is referred to as he numerous times.
why would you want the Kuro to be a girl that bad?
The "her" Genichiro keeps talking about is Ashina, the land.
He says something along the lines of "in the end... I was powerless. but grandfather was not, the dragon blood surging through her veins." I am pretty sure that the she is not ashina but tomoe, his mentor, who was bound to a previous divine heir and as such would have the immortality of the immortal oath. I think that after failing to kill herself she embarked on a journey to attain a method by which she could kill the infested, which would be the black mortal blade, and proceeded to attempt to have her revenge on those that stopped her from achieving her own purification ending with the blade. Genichiro attempts to confront her but fails and his grandfather steps in to fight, most likely disarming her and killing her with the black mortal blade, thereby ending her life permanently. If she was around and dying consistently, then it is possible that she was responsible for the dragon rot outbreak as well and isshin's illness is in fact a case of dragon rot.
Actually I believe they are mistranslations between him/her into English as Japanese is a gendered language and I noticed a few specifically on 'him/her' in other parts of the game too