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By Anonymous
do sugars ect. stack? can i use different types of sugars at the same time or 2 of the same even
By Anonymous
That's what I'm wondering also
By Anonymous
Sugars do not stack - my best reasoning would be because they are listed as a "stance" in the item description. I've tested it, most recently sugar consumable will always replace previously used one.
By Anonymous
Just to be clear, I tested as well & can confirm only ONE sugar can be applied at a time.
By Anonymous
can sugars be purchased or farmed?
By Anonymous
The Monks at Senpou Temple drop 1-3 Ako's Sugar when they do drop. I've noticed the unarmed monks drop Ako's while the Polearm Monks drop Ungo's Sugar.
By Anonymous
they are sold by the peddler at the ashin outskirts stairway; you need to bring him a big guy to upgrade his shop
By FluffleGump96
As I have said before, The Monks at Senpou Temple tend to drop 1-3 Ako's Sugar when they do drop. I've noticed the unarmed monks drop Ako's while the Polearm Monks seem drop Ungo's Sugar. I will do more farming here to get specific amounts and try to keep my data to give percentages of drop chance/amount.
By Anonymous
It makes sense that the unarmed monks drop the ako sugar because when they buff up thats the sugar they use, and the polearm monks use the blue sugar
By Anonymous
Omfg the amount of sugar I've wasted thinking they stack!! after sometime I looked at the bottom left corner under my health bar it only had one symbol ....I wanted to choke myself
By Anonymous
I feel you I did the same and I did notice later on..
By Anonymous
During my first encounter with the shinobe hunter i popped an Ako's and zUngo's sugar and saw it does't have both in effect
By Anonymous
Why the ***** can't you buy this
By Anonymous
if you do the peddler quest and bring kotaro to him he will start selling then as many times as you like
By Anonymous
I thought the door behind the masked servant was breakable and my swipe killed him and *****ed the questline, rip vendor
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By Deeznutz717
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Another thing that sucks about the sugars is that it seems to take Sekiro a half an hour to do his little dance that applies the sugar. Its a piece a candy FFS. Why does he have to do a little dance? IT should just be a popping candy in mouth animation. You can only use 3 per battle and they only last 30 seconds. The least they can do is have the animation not take so damn long.
By Anonymous
It is explained in the item description. Eating the sugar is only part of the process, you have to assume a stance associated with the corresponding hero the sugar is named after to receive his blessing. It's magic, and as such it requires the necessary rituals.
By Anonymous
Something something karma something something ninja stance
By Anonymous
When's the last time you've seen someone pop a cap of ecstasy and not dance around for half an hour lol
By Anonymous
ermmmm ackshually its part of the lore
By Anonymous
it takes literally half a second you little baby ***** boy. it's about as long as about any other consumable use animation in recent fromsoft games. and it adds something unique to look at instead of being exactly the same as every other item in every other video game that's ever been made
By Don_Quixote007
Later in the game before the final bosses, those Monks at Senpou Temple rarely drop Ako sugar and mostly drop Lump of fat/grave wax.
By Anonymous
Use demon bell,virtuous deed skills,and golden vortex I get 3 from 1 enemy sometimes.
By Anonymous
May 3rd comment here. Still more effective to use candy instead of spiritfall (same duration, does not cost spirit emblem) You would have to be NG5+ and desperate to use this item I'd imagine
By Anonymous
There's an item that gives you 5 free emblem chargers though