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In endgame go to the reservoir idol there is a eavesdrop and mini boss that I don't see in walkthrough pages only mentioned in the progress route page it's Seven Spears from the moonview tower again
This walkthrough is a nightmare to read.


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For Jinsuke Saze just circle clockwise, dodge forward-left (his right side) right before he is about to strike (the sword starts shining) and counter attack with one hit. Then immediately dodge back once or twice (sometimes he may counter as well).
You can stunlock Jinsuke Saze with Ijimonji: Double. Do a running attack first, then spam the two Ijimonji - attacks -> easy first healthbar. You'll have to create an opening for the second hb, so be prepared to deflect or dodge until you can repeat.
I suggest getting the loaded umbrella upgrade from the Blackhat Badger before attempting to fight Genichiro Ashina. When he shoots arrow at you and stuff, throw up your umbrella and deflect them without damaging your posture.
Right, so I am not sure if you guys are reading the same thing I am but at the - Upper Tower / Ashina Dojo Idol part of the walkthrough, it’s said that you can build your Third Prayer Necklace but to be honest I’ve been following it exactly and I only have 3 Prayer Bead so far. The 4th Prayer Bead is not mentioned. I believe that’s a slight mistake. I am not sure of anyone else pointed this out since I did not read all the previous comments
This wiki has some errors, I suggest you to watch the video walktroughs
the 4th is in a hidden chest in the burning village thing. go to the last shrine and there will be a painting on the wall. it's a rotating wall, wallhug and you'll get it.


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It doesn't mention this either but next to the Abandoned Dungeon Sculptor Idol there;s a Dungeon Memorial Mob that sells items. One of those items is a Prayer Bead for 1400. Hope this helps.
The eavesdropping opportunity states that you hear Emma speaking is incorrent. It's actually Kuro.
Jinsuke Saze is vulnerable to a stealth deathblow. Use Gachiin's Sugar and crouch walk around the right perimeter of the room as close to the wall as possible. If you are not right against the wall, he may detect you. You should be able to circle the whole room undetected and execute a backstab.
This walkthrough is so badly written its harder than the actual game. I need a walkthrough for this walkthrough. Every single page there is at least one thing that I have to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out.
"spot a rampart to overcome the wall" A rampart is a wall...
"NPC will tell you the Nightjar Ninja are attacking. Pick up 2x Pellet. If you would prefer to stealth kill him, you can jump down to the side" kill who? The NPC? The Nightjar Ninja? Is there only 1 of them?
Earlier it was "go back to the NPC drinking water", nowhere on this walkthrough is there any mention of any NPC drinking water....
btw the NPC drinking water is Head Priest of Mibu Village. How hard is it do say that? Name him and then we know who you are talking about.
I swear to God I thought it was just me . Worst walkthrough I've ever utilized