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just noticed some miniboss is hiding underwater near the castle. not sure how to get to it though
Need Mibu breathing technique to dive underwater, you get this from beating the Corrupted Monk in Ashina Depths. Mini-boss in the pond is a headless.
later in the game you will learn to dive and can go visit this hidden miniboss
Does anyone the item that allows u to help Lord Kuro
I heard something is different if you do Senpou Temple and talk to the Divine Child of Rejuvination before Ashina Castle, perhaps this is it.



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If you're having trouble with the very fast nightjar enemies on the rooftops (I know I did): just like the smaller nightjar, the loaded axe (preferably used with chasing blade) destroys them in one hit plus a deathblow.
Kuro does not need an item the first time when he ask the Wolf to help him. You are forced to choose "Protect Kuro", after which Kuro convinces you to help him anyways. This will set you on the path to the rest of the game, you later make the "real" choice. Don't worry about telling Kuro 'no' the first time.
Nightjars that jump on you and one shot you is a *****ing joke...
They come from the kites. Just watch them and dodge/block.
Having trouble with Ashina Elite - Junsuze Saze mini boss. Even if I hold block for his 2 attacks, it takes most of my life. My Vitality is 12 while attack is 3. If I try to dash beside him, he hits me with the 2 attacks anyway. Wtf. The video makes it look so easy.
Nvm, killed him and only got hit twice lol
Use Sabimaru, he's very weak to poison.
If anyone else has the same problem, time your deflects to his sword flashing in it's sheath. The Ashina Cross he does hits ridiculously hard, but if you deflect his attacks he becomes quite trivial.
Mist raven feathers allows you to easily dodge and punish his draw attack
When you return to the castle and get to the Old Grave idol, going all the way down to where the bridge is broken, you'll see a all black nightjar and a red hat "rat" comes to fight. When you kill the rat he says "How did you..." Just like to point this out
Yes. And then you get a coin purse for defeating him.
Isshin will not spawn in his room if player does not talk to Tengu first
So what's the next step after defeating owl?