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By Anonymous
Easy fight. I never had problems with her. She just repeats attack combo + sweep. Very predictable.
By Anonymous
She makes Genichiro look like a chihuahua
By Anonymous
This is the perfect fight for testing your ability to perfect deflect. Her perilous attack is easily side steppable (people keep trying to recommend jumping but i found the side-dodge a lot easier since she has like no range on her attack.) She can be somewhat punishing to your poise meter if you just block instead of trying to perfect deflect, but she basically has no other mechanic.
By Anonymous
I love how you cant just run past her
By Anonymous
? yes you can, very easy
By Anonymous
swimming down the river to the left of the sculptors idol before her encounter will allow you to complexly bypass the fight. definitely worth beating her for the Brest of life shadow skill though
By Anonymous
The Sacred Flame Barrel is an expensive upgrade but is highly effective against apparition-type enemies. Just make an opening and do point-blank full charge and that would be at least 10% of their HP gone. A cheese method so not recommended if you have something called "pride"
By Anonymous
Use Sabimaru until she gets poisoned, that will stun her for a moment and you can hit with your sword. After tha stun is over, stop attack and just parry. Don't try to attack her at all, just parry. If you see the perilous attack, double jump on her head. By parrying her attacks you'll fill her pose very quickly and be able to deathblow her. Then repeat for the second deathblow.
By Anonymous
Playing a charmless run right now and she is giving me a ton of trouble. Took down genichiro in two tries but I can’t seem to touch her.
By Anonymous
Did you beat her bro?
By Anonymous
One of my favorite mini bosses. All you have to do is parry and not attack and it's ez mode. Feels like a dance.
By Anonymous
I finally beat her. 1 hour of dying to memorize her moveset.

I got the first deathblow with almost no damage to her health. I almost dropped the ball on the second one but she dead af.
By Anonymous
But is she cute?
By Anonymous
Hella cute
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