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By Anonymous
How is this so goddamn difficult still?? I've beaten the game few times now, but this bish still slaps the ever-living **** outta me
By Anonymous
shes kinda bad tho idk guys
By Anonymous
I had an easier time beating her standing still. She's aggressive.
By Anonymous
How i best her without minimal efforts:
> Hided behind the small stone wall faced infront her
> Neared the wall to bait her to attack
> Spammed Mortal Blade
> Repeated step 2 and 3
> Win
By Anonymous
I did a better strategy:
1)Gop Gut

By Anonymous
Wow that was insanely helpful.
By Anonymous
girl's slippery
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Every ****ing way you go in this game there is something waiting to oneshot you. GFY From Soft
By Anonymous
So does anyone know the lore/cultural reason she wears a bucket on her head?
By Anonymous
She ugly
By Anonymous
mental health
By Anonymous
Reference to Buckethead. Jk idk
By Anonymous
normal bucket hat in ancient Japan, see komuso
By Anonymous
Her and the two snake eyes… why are the female minibosses the ones that kick my *** the most…?
By Anonymous
Surprisingly fun miniboss. Actually a much more interesting fight than the Corrupted Monk that comes right after her.
She's one of those fights that really displays Sekiro's combat at its best.
By Anonymous
Her posture regenerates faster than I can damage it wtf
By Anonymous
Wait till you fight Corrupted Monk.
By Anonymous
Both are probably top 5 slowest posture recovery but sure
By Anonymous
Use counter attack ppl. She is surprisingly easy once you git gud at deflecting and there are lots of windows for you to spam R1. Once you get her down to 50% HP her posture doesn't regen a 10th as fast of how quickly she did at full HP and from then on you can focus on solely deflecting
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