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does this work with regular bosses too?
single most useful thing in the game
It is also sold by the exiled memorial mob in mibu village for 100 sen
Just once!
Does anyone know where you can possibly farm these?
they can be farmed in Ashina castle gate. The three "rats" drop them. I have farmed there alot. you run around and backstab all of them in maybe 20 sec. The bloodmist ninjitsu skill is very useful. Jump right over the wall back down to the idol and repeat. They also drop alot of scrap metal and pellets. you get some gunpowder from the gunman to if you include him.
lets say 30 sec
Are these worthless if you have the [Suppress Presence] & [Suppress Sound] Shinobi art skills? I have about 100 I'd like to sell if that's the case.
The effects stack from my testing I don't think the sound stacks as you are silent either way
No, Gachiin is WAY better. It verges on an invisibility spell. You can also walk straight into the back of enemies without alerting them, which you can't do normally even with both suppression skills.
This is way better than you think.
Added a few lines in the usage section to try and get across exactly how good the effects of this item are.