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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Reaper Skills Imbue the dead with Frost, Fire and Lightning to bring ruin upon your enemies. Raise relentless hordes of the undead an allow your fallen enemies to intensify your unyielding assault. Ultimate Bone Dragon Breath: Summon a Bone Dragon that releases chilled winds onto your enemies, dealing 500 frost damage every 1 second for 5 seconds to enemies in a cone. Enemies caught in this attack become immobilized for 3 seconds. morphs Bone Dragon Soul Tear: Summon a Bone Dragon to perform a soul tear thu’um. This Thu’um will casts a soul trapping blast of decay upon foes, draining them of 25% of their max health on impact. If a target dies within 2 seconds, it resurrects the corpse to fight for you for 1 minute. • The Thu’um’s resurrection affects only the first target that dies within 2 seconds. • The Reanimation works on most creatures. They will abide by standard pet summon rules and perks, as well as the standard one summon limit. Upon death, the thrall will crumble into a pile of ash. Dragon Corpse Cursed breath: Summon a Dragon corpse to perform a Mark Of Death Thu’um. This Thu’um drains the health and damages the physical resistance of an enemy, making that enemy more vulnerable to physical damage for 15 seconds. Enemies effected by the thu’um will be drained of 1,000 health and 500 physical resistance per second for 15seconds. Skills Burning Skull: Lunch a homing skull that follows its target for 5 seconds. Upon impact the skull does 500 flame damage. Morphs Cursed skull: After 1.5 second lunch a homing skull that follows its target for 5 seconds. Upon impact the skull does 500 magic damage and inflicts the target with Deadman’s curse. This causes the souls of those that die with in 30 meters of the target to stab the target, dealing 500 magic damage every 3 second for 30second. You can only have one Deadman’s curse at a time, a second cast will remove the first from any target. Flesh bomb: Lunch an unstable chuck of cursed flesh that upon impact explodes over 5 meters, dealing 871 disease damage. After 2 seconds all enemies damaged are afflicted with minor mangle, reducing their max health by 10% for 5 seconds. Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Physical Damage. Summon Skeletal Mage: Summon a Skeletal mage to aid you in combat. This thrall will cast Defiled Ground which creates a rune on the ground dealing 450 damage per second while causing minor cowardice to damaged enemies for 5 seconds. Morphs Summon Flesh Atronach: Summon a flesh atronach to aid you in combat, throwing toxic bile every 3 seconds that deals withering poison damage to all enemies in a frontal cone of 10 meters. Causing enemies affected to take 500 withering poison damage over time for 10 seconds, increasing the damage every 2 seconds by 50%. Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Physical Damage. Summon Nether Lich: Call on the aid of a Nether lich, which will summon three lich crystals from the ground around its target for 3 seconds. Enemies within 4 meters of the crystals take 450 magic damage over time. This attack is always followed by Soul Rupture. Soul Rupture: The crystals explode, dealing 1,200 magic damage to all enemies within 6 meters. Skeleton Bomber: Summon a sacrificial thrall that rushes the target and explode on impact dealing 432 magic damage, enemies hit are knocked backed 4 meters. Morphs Engulfing corpse: Summon a corpse engulfed in flames that rushes the target and explodes on impact dealing 876 Flame Damage and an additional 1,000 Flame Damage over 8 seconds. Desecrated corpse: Summon a plagued corpse that rushes the target and explodes on impact dealing 800 damage within 4 meters. Damaged enemies are plagued with minor vulnerability, increasing the damage taken by 8% for 5 seconds. Converts into a Stamina ability and deals Physical Damage. Graveyard: Summary: N/A Damage type: Frost Morphs N/A. Siphon Energy: Summary: N/A. Damage type: Shock. Morphs N/A. A postulation
This wiki is terrible... there were gameplays all over internet and they STILL dont have detailed skill like of Necromancer~ Wowhead facepalmed
Shut up
It’s a wiki, so if you don’t like it, feel free to change it!
I have to agree with him, the skills arent even written right and it just seems lazy. Not a good source for accurate information on the class. Venom skull does flame damage....just dont do the skills if you dont care to be accurate.



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