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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the serpent despawned and i never got the chance to injure it.
By graced
if you're talking about the first encounter, I missed the little structure you can hide in to stab it's eye as well. It's my understanding that it doesn't matter if you injure it or not, I still killed both serpents later on and got both key items. I don't think the first encounter nets any drops.
By Anonymous
What... it's a turtle.
By Anonymous
this is for anyone that hasn't jumped down to deathblow the 3rd snake encounter to get fresh serpent viscera. After killing the snake and you land on a ledge of cliffside, DON'T GO ONTO THE BROKEN BRIDGE you will fall and there's no way to get back to that same cliffside ledge. From reading some posts it doesn't look like you miss alot or important things(seems to be dragon blood droplet, mibu balloon and few other small items) thankfully but it's still aggravating.
By Anonymous
Aw drat, that's exactly what I came here to find out, oh well that's a shame
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Theoretically. Hypothetically. Scientific reasons. Merely a question. Could this serpent have sex with the divine dragon?
By Anonymous
Not in game, but theoretically yes.
By Anonymous
that snake is huge, how can such a tiny needle (sword) can kill her?
By Anonymous
A very sharp needle is still gonna hurt like a *****
By Anonymous
It litterally goes through its brain....
By Anonymous
Felt bad killing the first snake. He's just chilling living his life and then you come along, stab him in the eye and ultimately kill him when he is sleeping
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