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You can run past this boss. It will not respawn and you will not receive any rewards though.


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Yes, or you can just hide in the little tent-like thing and enjoy the deathblow on that damn snake :)
Until you meet again.
The first encounter is not the boss fight
To the sacrificial monkey: I am sorry little one...
I actually managed to get across without knowing about the monkey. Used 2 well timed dodges with the Mist Raven prosthetic and sneaked in the shrine.
This might be the most terrifying enemy I've fought in a FromSoftware game lol, he's not even tough he's just so damned big and scary looking that it's hard not to feel absolutely frightened when he's 2ft away from you.
I managed to get it into an infinite loop after stabbing it in the eye; I went back to hide in the palaquin and the game won't let me exit, and the serpent won't stop writhing around... Anyone else had this issue?
it'll continue writhing as long as you stay where you stabbed it, it'll only stopo when you exit the area through the cave
The snake turns me on
Then you get gassed with the rest of the untermensch. You probably have a big nose and are part of the (((tribe))) too
Ancient Wyvern: Episode II - The Return of Plunge Attack
It appears that there are two of them. You can find another snake in a place with dried serpent viscera even after killing the great serpent.
I feel bad every time I kill it, the snake is just too cute.
OK I killed the serpent, then fell off the edge into the water. How do I get back to that ledge? I can see an item there and it's driving me mad!
Same dude *****
same lol xD anyone know? it seems there is cave over there as well
You probably can't, but i can tell you the items: 1x Bundled Jizo Statue 1x Dragon'S Blood Droplet
I'm not the only one...
they usually have something smart exactly for those cases... seems like this time its different even if the items are not that important it still drives me mad
they have something really smart that is introduced to you right at the start of the game its a chest next to your immortal training partner