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I have made a discovery. The first serpent does not come back, once you triggered a fight with Gyoubu Oniwa. I did not stab it in the eye while in the palanquin.
Yeah no haha I can leave goodbye now
Please help I can't see the snake in the sunken valley senpou temple I have the mortal blade and I didn't notice a guy we could talk to but now he is also not there what should I do
My best bet is go in the encounter 1st with the serpent on the bridge then he should be sleepy on his rock for a deathblow
A stealth game where you hide from snake. The irony
It's the alright snake
Just to clarify some things for anyone confused. It is 1 snake, 1. Not 2 snakes, it is one snake. The second time you see the snake with where you left it on the way to the gunfort and it literally has the scar/wound from the time the snake tried to kiss you goodbye and you said "STRANGER DANGER, STRANGER DANGER" and stabbed that mofo in the eye ball socket.
It has to be two snakes because you can kill one when it is sleeping on the rock. After you can go get the dried serpent viscera and the snake is there. It doesn't make sense that there would be only one if the snake is in two places even after you kill one.


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How many great serpents in the game? Are there two? I killed the one sleeping. So, I went and checked the cave in the sunken valley below and the great serpent there is still alive lol
this fight make much anger i wish u could just kill with the power of christ
None of the wikis seem to notice that Bloodborne had a similar white snake in the cut content…it was really long and stick out of environments just like this one.
there was also going to be a giant shadow creature "snake" in dark souls 3 that was cut from the final game, you can find its corpse in the ringed city dlc.
its by where you find the +3 silver serpent ring and the murky longstaff.
i guess fromsoft just really likes snakes