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By Anonymous
There is only 1 snake. Check out the eye of the one in the cave, it's clearly bloody. And when u get swallow by it after gun fort it just withdraw to its lair and***** you out. There maybe a continueity error?
By Anonymous
no there are 2 serpent i checked it out at 1.04 at gun fort. After bridge scene. She has blind eye, can see from under water and-"puppetsu monkey serpent scene" his eye is not blind, can see from "after lying to wall" or "after pass her shortly after but not enter the first door"
By Anonymous
I think it's pretty stupid that both serpents look the same. How hard is it to open photoshop and fiddle with the hue thingy for a few minutes, jeez.
By Anonymous
i think its even more stupid thinking they are different serpants :)
By Anonymous
probably a reference to frampt and kaathe, tbh
By Anonymous
they clearly are different serpents anon. You kill one but can still encounter the other afterwards.
By Anonymous
if I stand still... the snake cannot smell me
By Anonymous
maybe that was a giraffe i was thinking about
By Anonymous
dunkey is the best youtuber
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If you don't perform the second deathblow when you jump onto the snake in the sunken valley, it transports you to the snake cavern near the Toxic Memorial Mob
By Anonymous
someone should add this info to this page
By Anonymous
What happens if you don't go into the palanquin and don't stab its eye? Will it be resting in the Sunken Valley, perhaps without a bloodied eye?
By Anonymous
jormungandr!!!! but on a serious note is there two snakes, is there only one snake and its two headed, or is there one one headed snake and the game has consistancy problems with the snake?
By Anonymous
There are two
By Anonymous
big snek
By Anonymous
Interesting thing to note: If you don't kill the first serpent when doing the plunge attack, it will swallow you and bring you to the entrance of the cavern with the dried serpent viscera. Shocked me when it happened by accident. You discover something every day.
By Anonymous
To clarify, you don't kill it when you are in the slo-mo part of the deathblow.
By Anonymous
There's a pretty cool lore item in the game that talks about how to marry the snake by being eaten by it. It's a really obscure riddle and I'm not quoting it. I don't remember where I found it but I think this information you're giving proves that this lore item is a riddle and I think you solved the riddle. Lol
By Anonymous
Anyone knows if something happens when you decide to stay in the Palanquin instead of stabbing the snake in the eye?
By Anonymous
nope, it just keeps staring forever and the only way to get out is stab it
By Anonymous
Just wanna note that the Fresh Serpent Viscera is NOT the heart of the Serpent but its liver. It's mentioned by the divine heir I think. Anyway it makes me think that it didn't really get killed by Sekiro.
By Anonymous
but in the description of the fresh serpent viscera it refers to it as the heart and the shape isn't reminiscent of a snake's liver
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